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Through meditation I have learned to forgive, to love unconditionally and to find joy in my human life.  I discovered that I can channel messages from the other side. On this blog, I share these messages and I hope you find them enlightening.


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Fear Confines You.

Photo by Julius Dorset Fear sets limits and boundaries. It holds you in a prison of total confinement. Letting go of your past memories and living in the present moment is a perfect way to break from the fear and enjoy a new freedom in living. ❤️

No judgement

Photo by Ava Sol When you love someone, it does not mean you understand everything about them and their choices. It means your care deeply for them , free of barriers, free of judgment and understanding. Just let yourself love freely… Unrestricted love and acceptance is a TRUE CONNECTION WITH THE SOUL. ❤️

Smooth and Rough

Photo by Bryan Rodriguez Your journey in life has smooth and rough patches to travel. It is the tough ones that demand more fortitude and bring more growth and enlightenment to your Being. Enjoy all of life and find reward in its entirety… always there is a reason ❤️.

Keep Pushing Forward

Photo by Sarah Darcaj There is beauty, peace and love in everyone’s journey of life. Seek it and relinquish your worry, stress, and despair. Strive everyday to recognize and enjoy moments of happiness , joy, and triumphs. Never give up on life! Keep pushing forward and rid yourself of obstacles that hold you back……STAND strong, … Continue reading Keep Pushing Forward

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