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Through meditation I have learned to forgive, to love unconditionally and to find joy in my human life.  I discovered that I can channel messages from the other side. On this blog, I share these messages and I hope you find them enlightening.


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Spiritual Love

Photo by Cristian Castillo Love is so much more than a physical or emotional connection. Love is spiritual peace, compassion, freedom and without limits, restrictions or judgment. Spiritual love never ends, it is an ongoing energy that permeates the soul and the soul never dies. When you love spiritually, you have accomplished and attained full … Continue reading Spiritual Love

My Heavenly Trip

Photo by Alan Hurt Jr. As I sat in deep meditation tonight , I traveled to the ruins of Machu Picchu and what an incredible journey it was. The inconceivable beautiful was breathtaking and the peace and calm I felt was glorious and heavenly. I can only image the ingenuity of the Incan people that … Continue reading My Heavenly Trip

Individual Power

Photo by Levi XU While sitting in a veil of bright white light, I open my heart and mind and I hear these words from my guide. In this crazy mixed up Earth world do not fear. Never alone, never without love and guidance, and never without the ability to hear our words. Do not … Continue reading Individual Power

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