Free Flying Through Meditation

(Photo by: Ryan Hutton via Unsplash)


( Meditation experiences)

Through meditation a passage way is opened to the infinite sky,

Mind quiet, breath in and out as a light appears through the third eye.

Sit quietly, envision yourself flying through the astral and blissful world above,

See yourself warmly wrapped in celestial angel wings of love.

Fly around joyfully and smoothly in a universe of luminosity and glory,

Eagerly leaving behind your chaotic and unsettled Earthly story.

Free of Ego, the I or self, Free from the mind controlling your purpose and existence,

Liberate yourself from these human weakness and fly without limits and resistance.

Fly here, fly there, fly everywhere with no confirmed destination,

Explore the extraordinary and divine universe with complete domination.

Fly, OH fly,  calmly through the endless openness of the sky,

Unrestrained and with amplified boldness to fly extremely high.

Freedom, expansiveness,  and unsuppressed love, embrace your course,

As you fly without borders and barriers, through an uplifting meditation source.

Introspective Reflection is one connection to the soul’s perfection,

Implement it into your daily life, as it will bring you wholeness and spiritual direction.


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