Be Authentic To Yourself.

Who are you? Are you true to yourself, true to your essence, true to your being? Often humans live their life for others rather than for their OWN TRUE BEING.
Most parents have good intentions when raising their children. Parents raise their children, tell their children, how they are to feel, how they are to act, react, be, and believe, etc. But, what IF the child in time discovers that he or she cannot feel, act,or be the way the parent desires? Here begins the INTERNAL STRUGGLE which for some becomes an ETERNAL STRUGGLE. You MUST be true to your being or you will spend this lifetime pleasing others, being what others want you to be yet not being the TRUE YOU! This will cause you to FAIL YOURSELF, fail in your life purpose, in your accomplishments and in your true essence.
The SOUL reincarnated to overcome the deficiencies/inadequacies/ faults from your previous life, so it is crucial that you live your life faithfully to your being. Think, am I living this experience for me or for others? Am I doing this, being like this, or acting like this,for society, for my friends and or family, or for ME? This is not to say that you are to be a selfish person placing yourself first in all, but it is to say that YOU MUST BE HONEST WITH YOUR ESSENCE! Be dutiful to your true being! Be genuine and authentic to your personal being, and to your existence here on Earth.❤️

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