Stay Away From the Craziness!

In this crazy world of today, how do you avoid getting entrapped in the chaos? How do you keep all of this from penetrating your being?
The greatest action to repress and prevent these imperfections or inadequacies from entering your persona is to first understand that YOU are a direct result of your thoughts and emotions. Where you place yourself and with whom you surround yourself is your “growing / life environment “. If you continue to surround yourself in a world of disorder, jealousy, mistrust, anger, frustration and many more negatives, then you will find all of this in your living world; sadly this will become who you are. Stay away from the craziness!
All beings were sent here to Earth to advance the soul, to live a life filled with love and goodness. Do NOT allow yourself to become entangled in the crazy webs of human discord and misery. Surround yourself with love, find goodness in your heart, be compassionate and caring, be humble but most importantly BE the person God Sent you here to be… A LOVING BEING WITH A BEAUTIFUL SOUL.
Prior to coming to Earth, Your body and soul were paired together. therefore their mission was set and decided. Please, human being, help yourself to be the BEST you can be.
Pray and meditate…. shut off the mind and go inside …. it is there where you will find harmony. ♥️

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