Who are you and where are you?

Photo by Frank Busch

Often humans ask: Where are you?, Who are you?, and The answers generally go like this……


Where are you? I am in the family room. Or, I am at the bank.


Who are you? I am Michael. Or, I am Mary’s sister.


But what if the responses would be….

Where are you? I am here in this moment. Or. I am on Earth living a temporary experience.


Who are you? I am part of God. Or. I am body and soul.


Yes, most people would not respond in this manner and definitely most would find these responses quirky, strange or bizarre. However, are they not true? Do the responses not truly give an authentic disclosure?


The truth is that a large part of humanity does not know the true answer to these questions. These questions and answers have become so routine and shallow, that they are of little importance, nonetheless, they are of great significance and purpose.

Knowing where you are and who you are in this life, are two of the greatest accomplishments you can make spiritually. If God were to ask you these two questions right now, how would you respond?

Instead of wandering around aimlessly, why not have direction and aspire to know your true being and life undertaking. Sit in silence and gain wisdom. ♥️




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