My Heavenly Journey Outside of the Body

Have you ever traveled outside of your body? Well I have done this numerous times but this last out of body experience was SPECTACULAR and almost indescribable it was so beautiful.
My mother who passed away on February 16, 2000, came to me and said “ let’s go on a trip, I have a place to show you.” I remember lifting out of bed and as she took my hand, we started floating, like gliding upward.
The lights were incredible, the colors were bright and magnificent and the calmness was unlike any stillness I had ever felt before. I remember thinking… “ this has to be what we call heaven” but even a greater heaven than I could imagine. The air was fresh, crisp, and sweet with a smell of lavender and I could taste this in my mouth.
Yes, I saw glimpses of friends, family members, acquaintances and pets that had all passed to the other side, but it was like this was not the purpose of my trip. I stopped and gave warm hugs to a few and greeted them all, but just for a moment. Everything I said to anyone including to my mom was in a soft whisper.
It seems the purpose of this trip was for me to experience what could be mine on the other side. I could see several different levels..all special and pretty in their own way, but each one distinctive . I could see people I knew from Earth at these different levels and everyone was wearing a smile. The separation from one to the other was minimal and it was like each flowed into the next. The love I felt on this journey was extraordinary and glorious, I have No other way to describe it.
Mom said, “ Shirlee, I wanted you to see what is mine and what will be yours. Here There is only peace, love and joy Remember, to love without judgement, strive to be a good person and enrich the souls of others through your messages. You are soul on a temporary human journey, someday all of this will be yours again. I love you..”.
I remember slowing descending and getting under the covers of my blankets again.
When I awakened later that morning, I felt an incredible love around me; I felt like I had been rejuvenated and most incredible, I had memory of every single thing I saw, touched, smelled, heard and tasted.

I share this at the request of my guides. What a memorable and heavenly journey. Namaste ♥️

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