Clean Out Your Backpack!

When was the last time you cleaned out your backpack?

Imagine having a backpack that was filled with your, frustrations, concerns, dislikes, worries, jealousy, feelings of hurt, sadness, anger, etc. How large would your backpack have to be to hold all of these “possessions”?
Humans carry so much uncertainty, hurt, worry, anguish and despair around with them that they so often feel they are drowning or sinking. Get rid of what is weighing you down, clean out the backpack and rid yourself of the heavy cargo.
You can start right now by NOT getting caught up in the negativism in the human world and looking for a more positive and fruitful environment in which to be. Turn off the television shows that often depict the ugliness and disarray in the human world; tune into inspiring and uplifting stories of positivism and valorous deeds; listen to peaceful calming music, sit among nature and enjoy the ambiance, the smells, the sights or sit peaceful inside the silence of your mind.
If you want change in your life, It begins with YOU and no one else. YOU alone must clean out the backpack that you carry on your back. Change is inevitable and it starts with YOU so make it POSITIVE. The snake sheds its skin many times in its lifetime because it needs to purge itself from parasites and allow for more growth. Humans need to remove the unbalance, negativism and unpleasantness in their life, only this way can a person grow spiritually and be happy in life.
CLEAN out what you are carrying around that is burdensome and feel rejuvenated! The journey will be refreshing. ♥️

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