Where is the unbalance in your life?

In the world of 2018 there is more technology available today than ever before……More advancements in means of instant communication than ever experienced before. Today there is a greater percentage of college educated people in the world than in the past. The world is full of medical advancements, expertise and knowledge, information and instruction, yet the following continues to be prevalent in the world: , murder, disenchantment, homelessness, mental illness, suicide, hunger, unsettledness, etc? There is more stress, confusion, disharmony, anxiousness and uncertainty in the human world today than before.

Where is the break down? Where is the unbalance?


A person can have absolutely everything in life, but if they are broken inside, there will be no no peace, no fulfillment, no achievement or contentment and no awareness. A person of any profession, job, mission, etc. can feel lost in a world of so much, IF they have not found their true being.

Sit in silence, sit among nature, turn everything off…. just sit and listen!   IT IS NOT in the gadgets or possessiones you own but in your ❤️ heart, your inner moving soul.  Find inner peace and you will find happiness.  


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