I experienced my own death.

Before I walked out through the large framed door.
I turned around and gave it one more glance.
I knew that I would never see it or live in it again.
I was leaving everything behind and going HOME.

There was no fear, just regrets for not doing life better,
And the hope that my old tiring soul would not return.
I knew I was ill, living in a painful malfunctioning body,
it had failed me before, but never to this extent.

Now alone, with no one around, it was time to talk to God,
To thank HIM for all and To ask HIM for a peaceful end.
Lying alone motionless and in an insipid body,
I could smell what was coming, impending death.

Next to me, stood friends and family members
all from the other side, glowing in a very bright light.
“Come join us where everything is so beautiful and calm,”
I heard them say, among the voices of singing angels.

I had no fear of dying, my guides had prepared me well,
So, I relinquished everything and said, “ I am ready”.
The heart stopped beating,….there were no more breaths
No pain nor discomfort, the human switch was now OFF.

As my Soul lifted from the corpse in front of me,
I felt An overwhelming sense of peace and freedom.
There I was standing outside of the body encasement,
The REAL TRUE ME, the ME as Soul, light and energy.

As Soul, I said my goodbyes to Earth and its creation,
Now free from the restraints of a world of humanness.
Call it what you may, my Soul feels an extraordinary peace
Unlike any other stage of tranquilly and Love…..I AM.

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