Love and More Love

Saved Photo

Photo by Jeremy Bishop

Be grateful for everything in your life…..every inhalation and exhalation……every easy or difficult task….. every step forward or backward…. every life or death….. every smile given or received…. Yes, be so EVER GRATEFUL for every life experience, good or bad….. BECAUSE everything you live in your lifetime is part of you……part of your mission and journey. Never forget, EVERYTHING is all inclusive and it does not allow one to pick and choose. Your body and soul are together and the union is one of love…….together they are here to live and together they will pass.
Like the tree in the picture above, cultivate good strong roots that support the body and soul. Always enrich, maneuver, adjust and rejuvenate after each life experience so as to find the greatest amount of light, learning, growth and love. Stand tall and be part of the entire universe…. contribute love and MORE LOVE. ♥️

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