Be Self, Be Like A Wild Flower

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Like a field of wild flowers, humans are made, each beautiful and unique in their own way. None are exactly made the same, and so it is also
true for the BEING. All beings on Earth have a body and soul but not one is exactly the same. Each came to earth with its own unique purpose, its own unique footprint, and it is in this way each Being will depart the Earth. Because of this unique individual essence, many humans are confused, frustrated, upset and angry with another or with self. Often a person says, “Why am I like this?” Or, “Why me?” or “ “Why?”. Please understand it is not for the Being to ask, but for the Being to live and complete the job, the intent, for which he or she is present on Earth.
Long before the actual birth of your Being on Earth, decisions were made and goals and intentions were set ….no person resides on Earth without a plan or purpose based on their own identity. This plan was set into action upon birth but planned from the other side prior to Earth’s arrival.
You must Be YOU, and not try to be another. Admiration and respect for another is perfectly normal but emulation without the understanding of your own personal uniqueness is not functionable nor advantageous.
Like the beautiful wild flower growing in the open field, alone or together with many, it is of its very OWN CREATION, its own design, direction, and reason for existing. Do not try to reroute your Being or that of another Being by taking away personal identity. Change of one’s behavior and choices is not of which I speak, but of the true ESSENCE of the BEING. LOVE AND RESPECT and allow life to flow without judgement. Let the Being, your Being be free to live with resolve and love. ♥️

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