All Come and Go

Photo by Joy Real

You come and you go, leaving your imprint on everything that you create, touch and experience. Whether you are of high status or low, you make choices and leave the outcome for others to endure. No, Never are things always perfect, but the journey you travel is impactful, challenging and awakening. For some the life journey is easier than for others but none have it without conflict, without lessons, or without decisions to be made. Every life happening is movement, sometimes forward and sometimes backward, sometimes positive other times negative, but always action and change. As there are great moments there too are moments of sorrow and pain.
The controller of the perception of every LIFE event is You, the Being! You are the one that must cope with the experience , face and endure it, accept and understand it, rework and adapt to it, enjoy and grow with it, and make the most of it. NEVER discard the value of every life event and lesson, from the tiniest to the biggest, each presented to nurture and cultivate a better stronger Being. As you have often heard or even said “ why is this happening to me”? Or “why in my life?” The action, the event, the movement is around and in you. It is pushing you to learn and grow, and it is NEVER happening to you by chance. For SURE there is a reason behind all of this and it is NOT by coincidence that you are living this event. Like a nice rain shower on a very hot day, it comes to refresh, rejuvenate and remind you of what you were missing, what you needed and what you should appreciate.

When you look at the complete picture of your life, how will your headstone reflect your journey? Will it address the choices you have made in life and how these have impacted others as well as your BEING, both physical and spiritual?

No, this will not be because NO headstone can tell your life story. When departing the Earth, Your story will be recounted through your acts of love and kindness; the Earth will bear your imprint through your helpful deeds and kind and gentle support to humankind. It is your life evolvement and delivery to humanity that recites your life story.
Perhaps it is time to rethink how you wish to leave your imprint on Earth. Yes, You are here reading this now but there is no promise for more earthly time….. All Beings come and go….♥️

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