Light Inside the Body

Do not forget that you have spiritual guides and angel helpers; talk to them and ask them to lead and support you on your Earth journey. They are always present around you. YES, TALK TO THEM OUT LOUD because they are with you and hear you always.

My personal experience last night:

I sat alone in front of a large mirror in the middle of a dark filled room.
Within seconds I saw a soft light appear above my head. The glow flickered, as if it were calling my attention, and then it became a steady gentle stream of light. It is then that I knew I was not alone but that I had a visitor, a protector with me. Only the feeling of joy, calmness and good was with me, there was no sense of evil, darkness or hostility. I spoke to it, softly and intently, “ Angel friend, please Wrap me in your soft tender wings and protect me from all evilness and harm. Never abandon me as I need your love, help,and guidance during this earthly voyage. Also when it is time for me to leave Earth, please let me fly with you to the heavens above. I will be ready without despair or dread because I know I am loved .”

The light continued to shine above my head granting me just enough reflection to see myself in the mirror. I remained sitting in silence and looking at the reflection, then I saw the light go inside the body that I was seeing in the mirror, YES my body.
With the light now visible inside and above my body, I felt an incredible warmth in my heart and a beautiful feeling of peace and love. I know that the light inside and above me was a message from beyond; perhaps just to say hello or let me know that I wasn’t alone.

Everyday humans are faced with decisions to make and everyday humans need to ask for guidance, support and understanding in making these choices for their journey. Ángels and guides are always present, to surround, protect and lead the human in the right direction. Always acknowledge their presence and thank them for their assistance.
What a truly beautiful experience it was. ♥️

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