Do not be lead astray.

Photo by David Monje

How sad it is for the human who does not recognize or know the soul. This human most likely lives in fear of death because he believes there is nothing more for him after the body dies. Because of this belief, he has nothing to lose and can do great harm to self and others. Be cautious, be aware and do not allow this being to lead you astray.

These people only see themselves as a human body, nothing more, and these people often struggle in life. Their Life is a constant challenge and burden without the understanding and or desire of anything more. Sadly they do not recognize or know what awaits them after human death because they see Earth as the END.

NO earthly Being is without soul therefore no Being is without light and energy. Physical death does not stop the light and energy, the soul continues on its journey. The soul journey may include another reincarnation to Earth or perhaps it will stay on the other side working at a completely different place, but never gone. The soul lives forever, it is light and energy that never cease. Be loyal to your Spiritual Being and do not let anything or anyone dim your light.

Remember the I AM…. is forever.

I AM…. love, light, energy and never ending. ❤️

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