What awaits us on the other side….

My Spirit guide shares what awaits us on the other side, which he calls the NOW.

On this side there is or was no yesterday or last week; there is or will not be tomorrow or next year because…. there is only NOW. There is no congestion, nor deadly diseases, there is only NOW. There is no pain, no killings, nor floods, there is only NOW….and the NOW is nothing like you experience on the Earth level. No soul is murdered, no one arrives late or early because there is no time, only the NOW. Imagine a world full of unconditional love, no judgement, no ethnic groups, no cultures, no rich or poor, absolutely no differences. This is our world of NOW. No matter what level your soul and spirit attain after physical death, there is only a NOW and it is always full of love. Here in the NOW, the spiritual world, there are different levels but none so harsh or extreme as on Earth. Our Divine Being is all loving and just; there will be NO burning Hell awaiting you; however, here in the NOW there is accountability for the life you lived on the earth level.


After physical death, in the NOW, you will have a review of your earthly lifespan. It is tasking and often a difficult experience because there are no excuses, coverups, or escapes from the outcomes, only the truths that are the results of your earthly actions and choices. Judgement comes from ONLY YOU; it is after this, a level decision is made for the best progress of the soul, and here is where the soul stays until the next mission is decided. ♥️

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