The Wall and Your Life Review

The Writing…..

Imagine standing directly in front of a long lengthy wall or board filled with writings, drawings, scribbles, designs, numbers, etc. Everything on this wall relates to your entire human life, up to this present moment. THE NOW. EVERY thing on this wall is written 100% YOURS TO OWN.

Imagine that at this very moment your human life ends and nothing more is added to the wall/ board. There is no more story to tell. The END.

Spiritual Form :

Now, you are in spiritual form so look at your wall or board. View all from the largest to the smallest of markings. Notice every written word, number, and drawing from skilled to raw in display. This wall or board illustrates and represents your ENTIRE human life story. Read it carefully, because there is no urgency! Every marking recounts moments of joy, love, confusion, loss, depression, rejection, sadness and more. Every human emotion and event you have lived is marked on this wall or board entitled “My Life Story”.

REMEMBER, it has taken this amount of time up to the Present moment, to create the story board, so it will take fortitude, perseverance, dedication and time ( if it existed here) to examine every aspect of your life. As you read the wall your spiritual being is undergoing the process of the LIFE REVIEW. Every human upon earthly death must undergo this review prior to passing to the higher energy and light. During this critical period, always there is a flowing love and support from the Divine Being and others, but until the review is complete, your spiritual being is in a transitional state.

In your Spiritual form you interpret, see, relive and evaluate every moment of what you human life entailed. You acknowledge and find joy in the good memories and moments, as you lament the painful experiences you caused upon others. As you feel great love you also feel great sorrow and pain. Your Spiritual Being views the entirety of your Earthly life, no secrets or unknowns, everything is displayed or replayed for review. It is YOU, your spiritual being that ponders and scrutinizes every detail of the human experience. It is YOU, that feels every joy or every pain you gave to another and it is YOU that discerns the right and wrong of every action, decision, remark, etc. This major undertaking is arduous yet enlightening and it requires love, light, and courage. This endeavor is not fast in progression but delicate and lengthy and it requires honesty, exactness, and purposefulness. Every being goes through this procedure as there are no exclusions. Only after the review is complete will the spiritual being pass to the adequate level it has attained.

If human death calls for you at this very moment, are you ready for your review? Are you prepared to face the absolute truth about every aspect of your human life? In the earth world where there are exceptions and exclusiones often expected, there are none on this side. There is no fixing or reworking of any part of what has already transpired , it is entirely authentic. In the review there is happiness and sadness and it is completely honest and exact.

As you read my words, you have EARTH TIME to positively impact all Beings that present in this lifetime. You have Earth time to bring good to your soul and all souls. Cultivate kindness and love … shine positive loving light throughout your circle of Being.

So I ask…… When your Earth journey ends, are you prepared for your review? ♥️

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