Let Go of Your Old Story

Your story has been told and heard over and over again. It is time to LET IT GO and stop rolling in self pity or guilt. Get up and move past your woes….. do not look back to your past or plan an unknown future.

Start writing your NEW story right now in the PRESENT, and find something positive in every experience. It is through these life experiences that your Being becomes stronger and your journey more complete. Whatever the result of a life event or adventure, know that it is not hollow or worthless. Every moment, every incident, every happening has a meaning, an intention and nothing is lost or purposeless. Yes, even in all the darkness and pain in dealing with the death of a loved one, there is resolve. On the Earth side, No death, Nor illness, nor accident happens by chance, it is all part of the plan. Believe….realize …..know….that from such ups and downs in the journey nothing is every lost! Every happening is here to make you a stronger Being. How you accept, view and live each is up to you. When the Divine Being calls, you must go. So until then advance your Being through all life lessons. Remember to Love from the heart always. ❤️

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