Merit is Deep Within

On the *Spiritual side, the Being’s worth is never measured, defined or valued by its profession, power, possessions, popularity or money. None of these Human means of measurement will follow you to the *heavens. These acquisitions and accomplishments are only of significance while living on Earth. Right Now is the time to take a hard look at Self and begin to reevaluate and change your priorities. In the *heavens your importance and merit come from deep within your BEING, NOT from feigned evaluations of earthly status. All is measured from the goodness of your Being, never from outside influences or forces. Be kind, compassionate, truthful, trustworthy, merciful and forgiving, and always LOVE from the heart. Begin now to make self changes that grow and advance the soul. Always Respect without judgement, give without expectation, and genuinely love from the heart. Even in the most difficult moments of your human life, believe in the good of all and seek love within your ❤️.

*Spirtual side- the Heavens

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