Like a Test Given In School

Preparing spiritually the inner Being is the greatest, most powerful and rewarding task ever given to a being on Earth. It is the reason as to why the Being Is present on Earth. To come to Earth for the first time or return to Earth again and again, is of little importance UNLESS one understands that No being present on earth is without reason, intention, or design. In other words it is NOT by chance and it is not in vain. Not even the most evil of human beings is here by mistake, but here for an interesting enterprise. The door to enlightenment comes through living and experiencing, not through being idle, or untouched by life. Like a test in school, life would be easy if provided in advance all solutions, remedies, explanations, details and descriptions, BUT it is not to be. A new soul or an old soul residing on Earth has much to learn, overcome and confront, no exclusions.

How is it that many people do not understand or seek to know why they have journeyed to the earth? The simple truth is that they have not found their inner most being and are not aware that their true being is Soul not body. The vehicle that places the human on earth is only important for the passage to and from earth and for accommodating and carrying the Soul during the voyage. Physical Care for the body is important for transporting the soul, but to spend endless funds on making or keeping the body beautiful is of no value to the good of the inner Being. True Beauty, goodness, virtue and value are deep within the Being NOT on the surface.

Love who you are or become who you want to be through the SOUL and not the physical. Place emphasis on inner characteristics such as kindness, integrity, benevolence, clarity, etc. It is through these that you have worth and happiness in life… found deep in the Soul. IT ALL BEGINS ON THE INSIDE.. LOVE FROM THE HEART. ♥️

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