Never Alone

We are here always … sense us in your presence. You are NEVER alone! Our existence is powerfully spiritual, awaken your Being and trust in the power of the Divine Being.

Alone you are not, never while residing on Earth. Always accompanied with guides, Ángels and friends from afar. Know that we see you always, so open your heart and allow us to be part of your journey. You did not come alone, you will not travel without us and you will not die alone. Created by the Divine Being, all part of God, we are ALL ONE.

On Earth your journey can be difficult and at times it almost feels unbearable but IT IS all part of the lesson of spiritual growth. Life does not come with a map nor a book of instructions, you must forge the way and make it your creation, your path, and your travels.

Earth is not an easy place to live but it is where your united spirit and soul chose to be. As here there is light and harmony, too there is darkness and turmoil. You at human level face foes and friends; you feel joy and pain. Every rock, stone, wall or hurdle that you encounter IS with reason as well as every smooth groove or floating wave for riding to the shore. Your complete Being is NEVER alone nor is it without a plan or goal. You are living at this moment because your journey is not complete. Close your eyes and sit in silence… be grateful for every aspect of your life, YES, the positive and the negative…. it all is part of your total Being. Talk to us, feel our presence…. listen to us in the song of the birds or in the music of your favorite singer…. allow us to be part of your heart. The tough lessons of today prepare you for the greatest of tomorrow. You are NEVER alone and always LOVED. SMILE from the heart and great joy will come to you. ♥️

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