Perception is Important

Everything in life can seem like a struggle, on the outside and on the inside. From one moment to the next the inner mood changes, as well as the events, which cause upheaval and distress in life.

Living a Human life, without doubt, is a journey filled with adventure and challenge. One of the greatest insights is to understand that All things revolve around perception. For one person an experience can be perceived as a difficult and horrible event and for another, this EXACT SAME EXPERIENCE can be perceived as a positive life challenge. The Human sets the tone of his or her life events through their inner tranquility or chaos, and this can transpire from one or many life events. How each Being channels or converts the occurrence is the MOOD set, until a change takes place.

Humans often set goals for change and aspire to change, but they do little to implement change. It takes work, determination, and no excuses.

If you are struggling with inner peace, sit in silence for a few minutes, take deep breaths and give your inner and physical beings time to rest . Now Think of one positive in the events of today and give thanks. Do this daily and your perception of life will begin to change. ♥️

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