Earth School is Tasking

Photo by airfocus

ALL beings living on Earth are meaningful and present for a purpose. As the body and soul unite, they present as ONE and as this ONE, the journey of earth living begins, forging its own particular path.

Oftentimes while traveling down the path of life there are successes and great and interesting adventures. However, too there are failures, disappointments and disheartening ordeals and outcomes. This is because the Earth adventure is the SCHOOL of learning, where the Being goes through many learning processes and procedures. The answers are never provided in this school, students are taught to think independently,make decisions and find solutions. Retakes and redos are allowed hoping for growth, enlightenment and evolvement.

All along from birth arrival to Earth, this is the plan for the reincarnation or for the first time arrivals. On Earth, the Being discovers much about self and life, finding many imperfections, misjudgments and wrongdoings. Nevertheless the Being also encounters truths about self and life, lives the complexities of human relationships, discovers and hopefully matures from the many Earthly trials and demands. The greatest achievement for all Beings is spiritual growth and advancement, however, sometimes this requires multiple reincarnations so the Soul returns to Earth.

For the living Being on Earth , having a painful experience, is not easy to understand because the experience is hurtful, mind controlling and often internalized. However, in time the event becomes less painful and hopefully the purpose and outcome are better understood. It is important to Note that the outcome of all earthly experiences are purposeful and are intended to enrich and enhance the spiritual growth of the Being. Always welcome are the positive, joyous and fruitful life events, but also one must have the courage and stamina to respect, value , withstand, appreciate and make sense of the difficult and contentious events. It is these challenging experiences where the Being truly learns much about Self and the inner development of the soul.

The greatest of earthly duties is to mature in life, advance the soul , enrich the inner being, and have the courage to let the Soul lead you on your mission. This is not an easy task for the Earthly Being that has little knowledge or gives little importance to its true purpose on Earth.

Of course the body, the vehicle, is needed to fulfill the mission and must be cared for, but when too great of emphasis is placed on the physical being, it is most often at the cost of the ethereal being and the bank account. The physical is not eternal, the Soul is eternal.

Finally, a reminder to always see your place and position on Earth through the eyes of the Divine Being. Your life on Earth is not in vain, without a plan nor intent. No Being is present on Earth for a free ride but rather a ride of spiritual gain, insight and soul advancement. Keep working on the advancement of the soul, the rewards are tenfold. Have fun learning, make the most of your adventure and do well in Earth school, perhaps you can teach from the other side and not return to Earth school. ♥️

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