Get out of the Fog

Photo by Jr Korpa

When there is turmoil and controversy in your life often the issue becomes bigger and more serious because of the dominate mind. The mind begins to aggrandize the issues, which then controls the emotions, and then the entire situation seems more serious and the anxiety level increases. It becomes like a dense fog overtaking every part of your being and you are unable to walk away from it. Your perception of the situation (s) is so distorted you have no control and the total Being is consumed in worry. It is like a cancer that eats away at the body little by little. You must Step away from the fog and find clarity.

First remember that life /living Issues arise always in life, and are part of the challenging journey. Problems or issues will always come and go but how you handle them, is the key to living a more peaceful, and rewarding life. So gather yourself in body, mind , and soul and find a new way to view a tense or complex situation. Learn to view life challenges in a more positive light, seeing them as a time for spiritual growth ,enrichment and enlightenment. Stop the mind from putting your emotions in overdrive and causing you to have high anxiety. You can gain control and composure of self if you take time to regroup, relax , and liberate from the ties of the mind, of Ego.

Go to your own little quite place, relax and Pray, Meditate, Talk to your guides, angel helpers, and to God. Imagine yourself sitting in bright light and let the light heal your body and mind. Allow its brilliance to penetrate the mind and clear it of all worries and concerns. Know that in its brightness there is only love and protection.

Remember, trust and believe in the power of the Divine Being and always visualize yourself in a better place or situation tomorrow. Everything is possible, just IMAGINE it, …..find comfort, and greatness in your life. ♥️

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