My Heavenly Trip

Photo by Alan Hurt Jr.

As I sat in deep meditation tonight , I traveled to the ruins of Machu Picchu and what an incredible journey it was. The inconceivable beautiful was breathtaking and the peace and calm I felt was glorious and heavenly. I can only image the ingenuity of the Incan people that built such a complex site on the eastern side the Andes Mountain range. Freely I saw myself flying above the various structures and stopping in mid flight to pray and make an offer to the Incan gods and people. At one structure I saw an opening that reminded me of an open coffin, no top just a rectangle in form; I leaned over it to look inside, but it was just clean rock in formation. The joy and calmness I felt at this site was overwhelming. The sounds I heard were all from nature, no sounds of man or created by man….pure natural sounds deep on the side of the cliffs. …………….. now back in the Present living moment of my Earth life… I give thanks for such a rewarding and harmonious journey. ♥️

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