A Soul Event

I closed my eyes and i SAW….me in Soul form. I was full of bright light and I FELT such an incredible and overwhelming love. I HEARD the sound of complete silence, then I began to hear water and birds in song. I SMELLED fresh rain and a slight fragrance of lavender mixed with rose. Everything about me, was different, no body form of weight to carry or pain to endure. I was pure light, energy, and love, yet I had not lost any of my physical senses. Each sense was of greater intensity than ever encountered in body. I was just there… SOUL like…

Never could I have imagined that my Soul … a SOUL, would be so lucid, weightless, energetic , and absolute….Incredibly awe-inspiring.

Slowly and gently the feeling of humanness began to return and my perception and feeling of Soul began to fade.

I do not doubt that I felt different, this entire experience was unlike anything else. Still today as I share this, I want to believe it was a brief and true Soul encounter.

I have always believed that I am a two part Being… human and soul but never had I experienced what i believe to be the soul.


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