As You Know Yourself To Be…………..

….. you live only once in this present physical form. In spiritual form, SOUL, you live repeated times. The Soul never ceases to Be, it is the real You in Creation, Divine Light and Existence. The energy of your physical being will leave its print on Earth, but it in body ceases to be.

Preserve the beauty and goodness of the enlightened Soul, for it lives forever. Preserve the health of your body, for it is the vehicle to carry your soul through human life. Whatever abuses you create for the body, the soul too must endure to continue living in that physical being. When time is right the body will release the soul for it to continue to live forever on another mission. It is not the purpose of the human to decide when this will be. The decision of the introduction and the conclusion of the Being was already planned from the other side, prior to the arrival. So enjoy the journey, love, create, learn, grow and be grateful for your life.

Spiritual Love

Photo by Cristian Castillo

Love is so much more than a physical or emotional connection. Love is spiritual peace, compassion, freedom and without limits, restrictions or judgment. Spiritual love never ends, it is an ongoing energy that permeates the soul and the soul never dies. When you love spiritually, you have accomplished and attained full potential and realization of your true Being. The greatest love one can have is spiritual love because it is connected to every entity, to every nature of being. ♥️

My Heavenly Trip

Photo by Alan Hurt Jr.

As I sat in deep meditation tonight , I traveled to the ruins of Machu Picchu and what an incredible journey it was. The inconceivable beautiful was breathtaking and the peace and calm I felt was glorious and heavenly. I can only image the ingenuity of the Incan people that built such a complex site on the eastern side the Andes Mountain range. Freely I saw myself flying above the various structures and stopping in mid flight to pray and make an offer to the Incan gods and people. At one structure I saw an opening that reminded me of an open coffin, no top just a rectangle in form; I leaned over it to look inside, but it was just clean rock in formation. The joy and calmness I felt at this site was overwhelming. The sounds I heard were all from nature, no sounds of man or created by man….pure natural sounds deep on the side of the cliffs. …………….. now back in the Present living moment of my Earth life… I give thanks for such a rewarding and harmonious journey. ♥️

Individual Power

Photo by Levi XU

While sitting in a veil of bright white light, I open my heart and mind and I hear these words from my guide.

In this crazy mixed up Earth world do not fear. Never alone, never without love and guidance, and never without the ability to hear our words.

Do not allow the unrest, anger, hatred and turmoil in the world affect your soul being. You cannot control the happenings therefore you must not let these penetrate your light, your awareness and your complete Being. Pray for ALL, pray for Earth enlightenment, pray for peace…. this is the POWER you have as an individual being. You are responsible for you, and even though often you feel that this is not enough, this is the way of creation. Unconditional love, selflessness, and positive energy is what you, as an individual Being can give the world. Every Earth Being coming together as ONE can positively impact the world.

A few small drops of rain in the river may seem insignificant, but every drop of water is important and has an impact on the river. One day without rain, five days, ten, fifteen, thirty and forty days without rain, …. then one drop, two drops, three drops of water……blessed as ONE are the people, the River, and the land that finally receive the water to quench , refresh and replenish the thirst.

Together in love and goodness the soothing positive energy of the Earth can be stimulated, restored and re-energized. It must begin with each individual, and then flow out collectively as an understanding, theory, belief, and philosophy to embrace. If it is founded in true selfless LOVE, then the Earth and all Beings gain from its essence. Together gathered in love and unity ALL can come about in the positive light of the Earth. ❤️

When You Are Broken

Photo by Kat J

When you are broken, you must heal from the inside out. No patches or glue will work, the scar must be fixed from within. Give yourself time, forgive, and let go of the Ego. It had its reasons for happening and now it is over. Take time to truly mend and you will find a faded scar and a renewed you.

Live in the Present Moment, and experience the new. ♥️

Sun Energy

Photo by Melissa Askew

The new leaves on the tree point upward toward the Sun,. It is from here above they receive their nourishment and energy. Like nature, we too need the Sun ☀️, for without it we could not reside on Earth. If only for a moment, each day, turn toward the Sun and give thanks for ALL it provides. The Sun’s energy ☀️ is an integral part of our Being and it never abandons us, even on the cloudy days when we cannot see it, it is always present in our life. Never take for granted ALL that GOD has given us to be able to complete our Earthly journey. ❤️ ☀️

Photo by Ben White

Have HOPE in your life, have it in your heart everyday. Because through HOPE there is the desire to continue living, seeing, wanting, and appreciating. Never stop HOPING, it inspires for a better today and tomorrow. HOPE brings possibilities into a difficult and crazy world. Light , love, goodness, healing, and positivity are all ONE with HOPE. HOPE is a positive light in the Earth Journey, so make it part of your complete Being. ALWAYS HAVE HOPE because through HOPE, much can be accomplished and conquered in a crazy mixed up Earthly world. HOPE! ❤️

Where is your Identity?

Photo by Smit Patel

How do you identify yourself and where is it? Is it in your physical body, in your possessions, in your mind, in your personality etc?

Your true identity is in none of these but rather in the Soul.

When you truly identify with the Soul, you have your identity. The Soul is everything, it is your true purpose and the WHY you are on Earth.

When you can identify yourself as a Soul Being, you will know and have love and joy in every aspect of life. It is then, that you can truly let go of pain, worries, anxiety, emotions, stress and more humanness. Be your soul, live, love and lead with your soul. Enjoy and appreciate your identity!

Get out of the Fog

Photo by Jr Korpa

When there is turmoil and controversy in your life often the issue becomes bigger and more serious because of the dominate mind. The mind begins to aggrandize the issues, which then controls the emotions, and then the entire situation seems more serious and the anxiety level increases. It becomes like a dense fog overtaking every part of your being and you are unable to walk away from it. Your perception of the situation (s) is so distorted you have no control and the total Being is consumed in worry. It is like a cancer that eats away at the body little by little. You must Step away from the fog and find clarity.

First remember that life /living Issues arise always in life, and are part of the challenging journey. Problems or issues will always come and go but how you handle them, is the key to living a more peaceful, and rewarding life. So gather yourself in body, mind , and soul and find a new way to view a tense or complex situation. Learn to view life challenges in a more positive light, seeing them as a time for spiritual growth ,enrichment and enlightenment. Stop the mind from putting your emotions in overdrive and causing you to have high anxiety. You can gain control and composure of self if you take time to regroup, relax , and liberate from the ties of the mind, of Ego.

Go to your own little quite place, relax and Pray, Meditate, Talk to your guides, angel helpers, and to God. Imagine yourself sitting in bright light and let the light heal your body and mind. Allow its brilliance to penetrate the mind and clear it of all worries and concerns. Know that in its brightness there is only love and protection.

Remember, trust and believe in the power of the Divine Being and always visualize yourself in a better place or situation tomorrow. Everything is possible, just IMAGINE it, …..find comfort, and greatness in your life. ♥️