Let the Wound Heal

Photo by Jonathan Rados

Never hold anger, resentment, and pain inside. It serves no good, LET IT GO! If you don’t it will destroy your inner Being and cause you physical harm. All Earth life experiences, both positive and negative, bring clarity and betterment to your Being.

Allow yourself to sparkle and reclaim your essence….. let the wound heal! You owe that to yourself, ….to your loving Soul. ❤️

If Today Were My Last Day

If there is no tomorrow for me……

then I hope today is the best day ever.

I hope You have kind memories of me and

can forgive me for any pain I caused you.

If Today is my last day…..

I hope I am spiritually prepared for what awaits me.

I hope I am worthy to be with all great souls and

I trust this Earth journey be the last one for my soul.

If I have no tomorrow on Earth,

I hope I have loved completely with clarity and purpose.

I hope this Earth journey has been advantageous,

Invigorating and serviceable in the eyes of ALL.

If I have no human life after today…….

I hope you laugh, smile and tell funny stories on me.

I hope you know that I will await your arrival and

when it is your Earth end, I will be right there with you.

Thanks for your love, friendship and acquaintance.

Someday together we will be again to continue our connection.

Enjoy today and any tomorrows you are given,

Only God knows when our life on Earth ends, so let’s make the best of it


Sad Experience with Words

Photo by Brett Jordan

Words are powerful….be careful with your words…..

It was fifty five years ago today when a person’s comments hurt me to my inner core being. I liked, trusted and appreciated this person, I considered him a good friend and person. Then one day I heard words he used to describe me to another person and I was absolutely crushed. His words were not only untruths but were very cruel. I remember thinking , “How could he say such a thing? He knows this is not true, this is not me!” I was not angry but I felt ripped to my core. I was saddened, disturbed and wronged by his words, and I did not know how to even respond. I remember tears came to my eyes and I walked away from the person telling me this.

It has taken me years to gain the inner strength and desire to forgive him for his cruel words, but finally I HAVE. I will never forget his poignant words but no longer do they haunt me. I know as humans we all fail from time to time. It was his failure, his offense, and wrongdoing, but at that moment and for years I allowed it to become mine, BECAUSE I CARRIED IT AROUND WITH ME!

It is now, today, that I understand that this was one of his imperfections and like all of us, he too was human. I had been the one to put him on a pedestal, made him seem infallible, and this was part of my unbearable torment.

After all these years , I now understand that this painful event was part of my learning journey. Still I remember it like it happened yesterday. I don’t know if he knows what pain he caused me, or even if he would care, but I want to think he would.

Now, I am a stronger Human Being and Spiritual Being. I understand the impact of WORDS, sometimes thoughtful and other times malevolent.

Please be careful with your words ….. prior to saying anything, …..are the words worth expressing? Are they truths? Will these words help or hinder? Are they necessary?

P.S. Don’t forget to forgive… it allows the wound to heal.


My Majestic Experience with an Angel

This is a story about my personal experience with an Angel. Enjoy….

AT 17 years old I was on an airplane flying high in the sky, at least 39,000 feet above sea level. Seated by the window, I was crying like a baby, with my head down and tears flowing . I had been living in Guatemala for thirteen months and now heading back to the US. I had become ONE with my Guatemalan friends and family, and I did not want to leave.

Sitting there in complete despair, I heard a knock on the window next to me. It was so loud it startled me! I quickly lifted my head, looked and heard these words, “ STOP CRYING AND LOOK OUT, HERE IS MY GIFT TO YOU. KNOW THAT SOMEDAY YOU WILL RETURN TO GUATEMALA AND I WILL FOREVER BE WITH YOU!”

I looked and right in the middle of the sky a few feet above and away from the airplane wing was the most beautiful and breathtaking cloud I had ever seen. It was white, large and had a glowing light behind it. The cloud was in the shape of an angel with extended wings and it was hanging freely in the blue sky. It was looking directly at me and the feeling of outpouring love between us was amazing. I can only describe that exact moment as supernatural and a feeling of an unbelievable miracle filled with love. ❤️

My life at 17 years older, was once again going to change. No longer would I ever feel lost, alone and unworthy , as I had felt so many times during my childhood . I already believed God existed but now I knew HE was right there with me. This incredible experience sealed even deeper the relationship I had with my Spiritual Guide and Ángel friends and it released the fear I had of leaving Guatemala behind.

Still today 50 years later, I AM CONNECTED to the Divine Being, to my Guide, to the people, country and culture of Guatemala and I continue to see and be visited by Angels. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Be Gentle With The Earth

Photo by: Louis Maniquet

Be grateful for your temporary home; it is here , on Earth, where your journey begins and ends. Always with respect and love Engage with the Earth positively. Humans think they own the Earth , but it is the EARTH that owns the Human. Humans must have a healthy Earth to survive so be gentle with the Earth.

Enjoy its beauty, be kind to its many treasures, understand its purpose and give thanks for its blessings. Ruin of the Earth is elimination of all beings. Think about this for self and future generations; it is up to each being to preserve the planet for future propagation and performance. ❤️

A Soul Event

I closed my eyes and i SAW….me in Soul form. I was full of bright light and I FELT such an incredible and overwhelming love. I HEARD the sound of complete silence, then I began to hear water and birds in song. I SMELLED fresh rain and a slight fragrance of lavender mixed with rose. Everything about me, was different, no body form of weight to carry or pain to endure. I was pure light, energy, and love, yet I had not lost any of my physical senses. Each sense was of greater intensity than ever encountered in body. I was just there… SOUL like…

Never could I have imagined that my Soul … a SOUL, would be so lucid, weightless, energetic , and absolute….Incredibly awe-inspiring.

Slowly and gently the feeling of humanness began to return and my perception and feeling of Soul began to fade.

I do not doubt that I felt different, this entire experience was unlike anything else. Still today as I share this, I want to believe it was a brief and true Soul encounter.

I have always believed that I am a two part Being… human and soul but never had I experienced what i believe to be the soul.


Invest in your Soul First.

Where do you make your life investments and spend all of your time and money? ? Is it your job, the stock market, on your children, family, possessions, religion, etc? Where do you place the most emphasis, spend the most time and or energy? Most often humans invest their time and energy in obtaining more belongings, more money, having more friends, and having bigger and better “ successes” . Sadly and Seldom do humans spend time on inner growth, on finding and fulfilling their inner most cravings, and needs. They spend lots of time and money on their vehicle (physical being), in making it “better” more attractive and keeping it well maintained, yet they fail to remember that without a Soul to carry there is no need for a vehicle. The greatest care must be given to the inner Being….the Soul Being, for without the Soul there is no need to be present on Earth.

No one should have to remind the human of the true purpose of the body and it’s presence on Earth, yet this is exactly what this message is doing. Soul presence on Earth for the first time, the fifth time, or more times is the REASON FOR ALL. Your soul is your energy, your light, your conscience, your karma, your core being …. it is the source of life. It must be nourished, groomed, maintained, and loved. Put all your investments in your Soul, for it is the SOUL that allows you to have a life journey; when the Soul grows your investment flourishes. ♥️