My Majestic Experience with an Angel

This is a story about my personal experience with an Angel. Enjoy….

AT 17 years old I was on an airplane flying high in the sky, at least 39,000 feet above sea level. Seated by the window, I was crying like a baby, with my head down and tears flowing . I had been living in Guatemala for thirteen months and now heading back to the US. I had become ONE with my Guatemalan friends and family, and I did not want to leave.

Sitting there in complete despair, I heard a knock on the window next to me. It was so loud it startled me! I quickly lifted my head, looked and heard these words, “ STOP CRYING AND LOOK OUT, HERE IS MY GIFT TO YOU. KNOW THAT SOMEDAY YOU WILL RETURN TO GUATEMALA AND I WILL FOREVER BE WITH YOU!”

I looked and right in the middle of the sky a few feet above and away from the airplane wing was the most beautiful and breathtaking cloud I had ever seen. It was white, large and had a glowing light behind it. The cloud was in the shape of an angel with extended wings and it was hanging freely in the blue sky. It was looking directly at me and the feeling of outpouring love between us was amazing. I can only describe that exact moment as supernatural and a feeling of an unbelievable miracle filled with love. ❤️

My life at 17 years older, was once again going to change. No longer would I ever feel lost, alone and unworthy , as I had felt so many times during my childhood . I already believed God existed but now I knew HE was right there with me. This incredible experience sealed even deeper the relationship I had with my Spiritual Guide and Ángel friends and it released the fear I had of leaving Guatemala behind.

Still today 50 years later, I AM CONNECTED to the Divine Being, to my Guide, to the people, country and culture of Guatemala and I continue to see and be visited by Angels. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Just Imagine a Perfect World

Sorrowfully for many people, earth life seems disheartening, stressful, depressing and valueless. This view or outlook can only be changed by the viewer himself/ herself and the change takes time and work.

So how does one change their view on life. I challenge you with the following.

While sitting in silence, alone, let’s go inside our Being and use our mind to IMAGINE.

Begin to IMAGINE, imagine an absolute perfect world…. Making it exactly as you desire. Now Sit here in this perfect world for awhile…..make it as beautiful, peaceful and calming as you wish. Do not let anything or anyone disturb you in your imaginary world. ……

Now, come back to this world and ask yourself the following questions.

“ What made that world so perfect? Was there anything in the perfect world that I could possibly bring into my living world or eliminate from my present world? “

The challenge is….

Everyday for five or ten minutes, close your eyes and sit in silence. Imagine yourself living in a perfect world.

It is a positive way to release worries, dark moments or memories and relieve stress. Eventually you will begin to implement positive change into your true living life. ♥️