Spiritual Love

Photo by Cristian Castillo

Love is so much more than a physical or emotional connection. Love is spiritual peace, compassion, freedom and without limits, restrictions or judgment. Spiritual love never ends, it is an ongoing energy that permeates the soul and the soul never dies. When you love spiritually, you have accomplished and attained full potential and realization of your true Being. The greatest love one can have is spiritual love because it is connected to every entity, to every nature of being. ♥️

Individual Power

Photo by Levi XU

While sitting in a veil of bright white light, I open my heart and mind and I hear these words from my guide.

In this crazy mixed up Earth world do not fear. Never alone, never without love and guidance, and never without the ability to hear our words.

Do not allow the unrest, anger, hatred and turmoil in the world affect your soul being. You cannot control the happenings therefore you must not let these penetrate your light, your awareness and your complete Being. Pray for ALL, pray for Earth enlightenment, pray for peace…. this is the POWER you have as an individual being. You are responsible for you, and even though often you feel that this is not enough, this is the way of creation. Unconditional love, selflessness, and positive energy is what you, as an individual Being can give the world. Every Earth Being coming together as ONE can positively impact the world.

A few small drops of rain in the river may seem insignificant, but every drop of water is important and has an impact on the river. One day without rain, five days, ten, fifteen, thirty and forty days without rain, …. then one drop, two drops, three drops of water……blessed as ONE are the people, the River, and the land that finally receive the water to quench , refresh and replenish the thirst.

Together in love and goodness the soothing positive energy of the Earth can be stimulated, restored and re-energized. It must begin with each individual, and then flow out collectively as an understanding, theory, belief, and philosophy to embrace. If it is founded in true selfless LOVE, then the Earth and all Beings gain from its essence. Together gathered in love and unity ALL can come about in the positive light of the Earth. ❤️

When You Are Broken

Photo by Kat J

When you are broken, you must heal from the inside out. No patches or glue will work, the scar must be fixed from within. Give yourself time, forgive, and let go of the Ego. It had its reasons for happening and now it is over. Take time to truly mend and you will find a faded scar and a renewed you.

Live in the Present Moment, and experience the new. ♥️

Sun Energy

Photo by Melissa Askew

The new leaves on the tree point upward toward the Sun,. It is from here above they receive their nourishment and energy. Like nature, we too need the Sun ☀️, for without it we could not reside on Earth. If only for a moment, each day, turn toward the Sun and give thanks for ALL it provides. The Sun’s energy ☀️ is an integral part of our Being and it never abandons us, even on the cloudy days when we cannot see it, it is always present in our life. Never take for granted ALL that GOD has given us to be able to complete our Earthly journey. ❤️ ☀️

Photo by Ben White

Have HOPE in your life, have it in your heart everyday. Because through HOPE there is the desire to continue living, seeing, wanting, and appreciating. Never stop HOPING, it inspires for a better today and tomorrow. HOPE brings possibilities into a difficult and crazy world. Light , love, goodness, healing, and positivity are all ONE with HOPE. HOPE is a positive light in the Earth Journey, so make it part of your complete Being. ALWAYS HAVE HOPE because through HOPE, much can be accomplished and conquered in a crazy mixed up Earthly world. HOPE! ❤️

Where is your Identity?

Photo by Smit Patel

How do you identify yourself and where is it? Is it in your physical body, in your possessions, in your mind, in your personality etc?

Your true identity is in none of these but rather in the Soul.

When you truly identify with the Soul, you have your identity. The Soul is everything, it is your true purpose and the WHY you are on Earth.

When you can identify yourself as a Soul Being, you will know and have love and joy in every aspect of life. It is then, that you can truly let go of pain, worries, anxiety, emotions, stress and more humanness. Be your soul, live, love and lead with your soul. Enjoy and appreciate your identity!

Open the Prison Doors

Photo by Michael Lensink

Untether your past through the wisdom gained from the experience. Embrace the positives and release the negatives through forgiveness and the choice to move on. When you Stop allowing the past to define you, the prison doors are open and there is true freedom to be. Recently someone said “ I just cannot get over this; I am so hurt and will never forgive them.” That person will forever be trapped in their own created and hellish prison. If their Being is so weak that it wishes to be stagnant in life, then so it be, but the soul needs so much more. No Earth Being is perfect, no Being is without offense, yet the person who can Never forgive and Will never forgive is so narrow minded that they do not see nor own their flaws.

Accept your humanness and embark on the journey of enlightenment. The soul is always ready, give greater importance to the spiritual side.

Do not not live in the past nor for the future, LIVE in the present, and flourish and expand your complete Being. Enjoy the moment. ❤️

Earth School is Tasking

Photo by airfocus

ALL beings living on Earth are meaningful and present for a purpose. As the body and soul unite, they present as ONE and as this ONE, the journey of earth living begins, forging its own particular path.

Oftentimes while traveling down the path of life there are successes and great and interesting adventures. However, too there are failures, disappointments and disheartening ordeals and outcomes. This is because the Earth adventure is the SCHOOL of learning, where the Being goes through many learning processes and procedures. The answers are never provided in this school, students are taught to think independently,make decisions and find solutions. Retakes and redos are allowed hoping for growth, enlightenment and evolvement.

All along from birth arrival to Earth, this is the plan for the reincarnation or for the first time arrivals. On Earth, the Being discovers much about self and life, finding many imperfections, misjudgments and wrongdoings. Nevertheless the Being also encounters truths about self and life, lives the complexities of human relationships, discovers and hopefully matures from the many Earthly trials and demands. The greatest achievement for all Beings is spiritual growth and advancement, however, sometimes this requires multiple reincarnations so the Soul returns to Earth.

For the living Being on Earth , having a painful experience, is not easy to understand because the experience is hurtful, mind controlling and often internalized. However, in time the event becomes less painful and hopefully the purpose and outcome are better understood. It is important to Note that the outcome of all earthly experiences are purposeful and are intended to enrich and enhance the spiritual growth of the Being. Always welcome are the positive, joyous and fruitful life events, but also one must have the courage and stamina to respect, value , withstand, appreciate and make sense of the difficult and contentious events. It is these challenging experiences where the Being truly learns much about Self and the inner development of the soul.

The greatest of earthly duties is to mature in life, advance the soul , enrich the inner being, and have the courage to let the Soul lead you on your mission. This is not an easy task for the Earthly Being that has little knowledge or gives little importance to its true purpose on Earth.

Of course the body, the vehicle, is needed to fulfill the mission and must be cared for, but when too great of emphasis is placed on the physical being, it is most often at the cost of the ethereal being and the bank account. The physical is not eternal, the Soul is eternal.

Finally, a reminder to always see your place and position on Earth through the eyes of the Divine Being. Your life on Earth is not in vain, without a plan nor intent. No Being is present on Earth for a free ride but rather a ride of spiritual gain, insight and soul advancement. Keep working on the advancement of the soul, the rewards are tenfold. Have fun learning, make the most of your adventure and do well in Earth school, perhaps you can teach from the other side and not return to Earth school. ♥️

Give up the Ego

Photo by Tim Marshall

Give up the ego and you will awake to much more in life. The “I” leads you astray thinking you are the only one, while the “We and Us” is all inclusive and opens up the world to an abundance of love and compassion. Experience and enjoy Earth life in union with others, as living only in the “I” comes solitude, heartbreak and despair. Love and honor all Earthly beings as well as Self; never forget ALL are here sharing and learning in the completion of the Earth mission. No one BEING is more important or more valued than another in the eyes of God, the Divine Being. ♥️