Keep Pushing Forward

Photo by Sarah Darcaj

There is beauty, peace and love in everyone’s journey of life. Seek it and relinquish your worry, stress, and despair. Strive everyday to recognize and enjoy moments of happiness , joy, and triumphs. Never give up on life! Keep pushing forward and rid yourself of obstacles that hold you back……STAND strong, PUSH ahead, and EXPAND your self-respect. ❤️

How Would You Illustrate Your Life?

Photo by Bekir Dönmez

If you could draw a picture to represent your life up to this moment, using one pencil and one piece of paper and ten minutes of Earth time, what form would your illustration take? Would you draw an entire scene to represent your life, or would you draw lines, circles, angles, hearts, boxes, etc? Would you use shading or would your picture be monotone? If you are an artist, your design might be specific with greater detail; However without artistic ability, your life representation might be more simple with very limited detail.

But, however you depict your life it is all YOURS to own ! YOU are the master of your human life; you are the owner. Start today to make your life as you wish it to be. Fill it with principle, courage, ambition, goodwill and Love…..and anything else that makes your life absolute.

It IS your life, so remember as long as you are living, you can shape and make it as fruitful as you truly wish. Go inside and find your true self and make the most of your life.

Free Will… your choice

Photo by Viadislav Babienko

Ugliness, unkindness, evildoing, disharmony and more is NEVER part of the union made between spirit and soul, prior to coming to Earth. These weaknesses occur when the human side, opens and welcomes itself to such flaws. Perhaps the Human wishes to gain power, money, fame, etc. so the Being allows these imperfections to become part of them. The Soul, present in every living Being, steps to the side and allows this to befall. This is the FREE CHOICE – FREE WILL of the human and even though this hinders the completion of the “original plan made prior to coming to Earth, between soul and body” it is the choice of the Being.

No matter what you choose, you are forever loved from the other side. ❤️