Open the Prison Doors

Photo by Michael Lensink

Untether your past through the wisdom gained from the experience. Embrace the positives and release the negatives through forgiveness and the choice to move on. When you Stop allowing the past to define you, the prison doors are open and there is true freedom to be. Recently someone said “ I just cannot get over this; I am so hurt and will never forgive them.” That person will forever be trapped in their own created and hellish prison. If their Being is so weak that it wishes to be stagnant in life, then so it be, but the soul needs so much more. No Earth Being is perfect, no Being is without offense, yet the person who can Never forgive and Will never forgive is so narrow minded that they do not see nor own their flaws.

Accept your humanness and embark on the journey of enlightenment. The soul is always ready, give greater importance to the spiritual side.

Do not not live in the past nor for the future, LIVE in the present, and flourish and expand your complete Being. Enjoy the moment. ❤️