Sad Experience with Words

Photo by Brett Jordan

Words are powerful….be careful with your words…..

It was fifty five years ago today when a person’s comments hurt me to my inner core being. I liked, trusted and appreciated this person, I considered him a good friend and person. Then one day I heard words he used to describe me to another person and I was absolutely crushed. His words were not only untruths but were very cruel. I remember thinking , “How could he say such a thing? He knows this is not true, this is not me!” I was not angry but I felt ripped to my core. I was saddened, disturbed and wronged by his words, and I did not know how to even respond. I remember tears came to my eyes and I walked away from the person telling me this.

It has taken me years to gain the inner strength and desire to forgive him for his cruel words, but finally I HAVE. I will never forget his poignant words but no longer do they haunt me. I know as humans we all fail from time to time. It was his failure, his offense, and wrongdoing, but at that moment and for years I allowed it to become mine, BECAUSE I CARRIED IT AROUND WITH ME!

It is now, today, that I understand that this was one of his imperfections and like all of us, he too was human. I had been the one to put him on a pedestal, made him seem infallible, and this was part of my unbearable torment.

After all these years , I now understand that this painful event was part of my learning journey. Still I remember it like it happened yesterday. I don’t know if he knows what pain he caused me, or even if he would care, but I want to think he would.

Now, I am a stronger Human Being and Spiritual Being. I understand the impact of WORDS, sometimes thoughtful and other times malevolent.

Please be careful with your words ….. prior to saying anything, …..are the words worth expressing? Are they truths? Will these words help or hinder? Are they necessary?

P.S. Don’t forget to forgive… it allows the wound to heal.


Be Gentle With The Earth

Photo by: Louis Maniquet

Be grateful for your temporary home; it is here , on Earth, where your journey begins and ends. Always with respect and love Engage with the Earth positively. Humans think they own the Earth , but it is the EARTH that owns the Human. Humans must have a healthy Earth to survive so be gentle with the Earth.

Enjoy its beauty, be kind to its many treasures, understand its purpose and give thanks for its blessings. Ruin of the Earth is elimination of all beings. Think about this for self and future generations; it is up to each being to preserve the planet for future propagation and performance. ❤️

Individual Power

Photo by Levi XU

While sitting in a veil of bright white light, I open my heart and mind and I hear these words from my guide.

In this crazy mixed up Earth world do not fear. Never alone, never without love and guidance, and never without the ability to hear our words.

Do not allow the unrest, anger, hatred and turmoil in the world affect your soul being. You cannot control the happenings therefore you must not let these penetrate your light, your awareness and your complete Being. Pray for ALL, pray for Earth enlightenment, pray for peace…. this is the POWER you have as an individual being. You are responsible for you, and even though often you feel that this is not enough, this is the way of creation. Unconditional love, selflessness, and positive energy is what you, as an individual Being can give the world. Every Earth Being coming together as ONE can positively impact the world.

A few small drops of rain in the river may seem insignificant, but every drop of water is important and has an impact on the river. One day without rain, five days, ten, fifteen, thirty and forty days without rain, …. then one drop, two drops, three drops of water……blessed as ONE are the people, the River, and the land that finally receive the water to quench , refresh and replenish the thirst.

Together in love and goodness the soothing positive energy of the Earth can be stimulated, restored and re-energized. It must begin with each individual, and then flow out collectively as an understanding, theory, belief, and philosophy to embrace. If it is founded in true selfless LOVE, then the Earth and all Beings gain from its essence. Together gathered in love and unity ALL can come about in the positive light of the Earth. ❤️

Get out of the Fog

Photo by Jr Korpa

When there is turmoil and controversy in your life often the issue becomes bigger and more serious because of the dominate mind. The mind begins to aggrandize the issues, which then controls the emotions, and then the entire situation seems more serious and the anxiety level increases. It becomes like a dense fog overtaking every part of your being and you are unable to walk away from it. Your perception of the situation (s) is so distorted you have no control and the total Being is consumed in worry. It is like a cancer that eats away at the body little by little. You must Step away from the fog and find clarity.

First remember that life /living Issues arise always in life, and are part of the challenging journey. Problems or issues will always come and go but how you handle them, is the key to living a more peaceful, and rewarding life. So gather yourself in body, mind , and soul and find a new way to view a tense or complex situation. Learn to view life challenges in a more positive light, seeing them as a time for spiritual growth ,enrichment and enlightenment. Stop the mind from putting your emotions in overdrive and causing you to have high anxiety. You can gain control and composure of self if you take time to regroup, relax , and liberate from the ties of the mind, of Ego.

Go to your own little quite place, relax and Pray, Meditate, Talk to your guides, angel helpers, and to God. Imagine yourself sitting in bright light and let the light heal your body and mind. Allow its brilliance to penetrate the mind and clear it of all worries and concerns. Know that in its brightness there is only love and protection.

Remember, trust and believe in the power of the Divine Being and always visualize yourself in a better place or situation tomorrow. Everything is possible, just IMAGINE it, …..find comfort, and greatness in your life. ♥️

Open the Prison Doors

Photo by Michael Lensink

Untether your past through the wisdom gained from the experience. Embrace the positives and release the negatives through forgiveness and the choice to move on. When you Stop allowing the past to define you, the prison doors are open and there is true freedom to be. Recently someone said “ I just cannot get over this; I am so hurt and will never forgive them.” That person will forever be trapped in their own created and hellish prison. If their Being is so weak that it wishes to be stagnant in life, then so it be, but the soul needs so much more. No Earth Being is perfect, no Being is without offense, yet the person who can Never forgive and Will never forgive is so narrow minded that they do not see nor own their flaws.

Accept your humanness and embark on the journey of enlightenment. The soul is always ready, give greater importance to the spiritual side.

Do not not live in the past nor for the future, LIVE in the present, and flourish and expand your complete Being. Enjoy the moment. ❤️

Earth School is Tasking

Photo by airfocus

ALL beings living on Earth are meaningful and present for a purpose. As the body and soul unite, they present as ONE and as this ONE, the journey of earth living begins, forging its own particular path.

Oftentimes while traveling down the path of life there are successes and great and interesting adventures. However, too there are failures, disappointments and disheartening ordeals and outcomes. This is because the Earth adventure is the SCHOOL of learning, where the Being goes through many learning processes and procedures. The answers are never provided in this school, students are taught to think independently,make decisions and find solutions. Retakes and redos are allowed hoping for growth, enlightenment and evolvement.

All along from birth arrival to Earth, this is the plan for the reincarnation or for the first time arrivals. On Earth, the Being discovers much about self and life, finding many imperfections, misjudgments and wrongdoings. Nevertheless the Being also encounters truths about self and life, lives the complexities of human relationships, discovers and hopefully matures from the many Earthly trials and demands. The greatest achievement for all Beings is spiritual growth and advancement, however, sometimes this requires multiple reincarnations so the Soul returns to Earth.

For the living Being on Earth , having a painful experience, is not easy to understand because the experience is hurtful, mind controlling and often internalized. However, in time the event becomes less painful and hopefully the purpose and outcome are better understood. It is important to Note that the outcome of all earthly experiences are purposeful and are intended to enrich and enhance the spiritual growth of the Being. Always welcome are the positive, joyous and fruitful life events, but also one must have the courage and stamina to respect, value , withstand, appreciate and make sense of the difficult and contentious events. It is these challenging experiences where the Being truly learns much about Self and the inner development of the soul.

The greatest of earthly duties is to mature in life, advance the soul , enrich the inner being, and have the courage to let the Soul lead you on your mission. This is not an easy task for the Earthly Being that has little knowledge or gives little importance to its true purpose on Earth.

Of course the body, the vehicle, is needed to fulfill the mission and must be cared for, but when too great of emphasis is placed on the physical being, it is most often at the cost of the ethereal being and the bank account. The physical is not eternal, the Soul is eternal.

Finally, a reminder to always see your place and position on Earth through the eyes of the Divine Being. Your life on Earth is not in vain, without a plan nor intent. No Being is present on Earth for a free ride but rather a ride of spiritual gain, insight and soul advancement. Keep working on the advancement of the soul, the rewards are tenfold. Have fun learning, make the most of your adventure and do well in Earth school, perhaps you can teach from the other side and not return to Earth school. ♥️

Give up the Ego

Photo by Tim Marshall

Give up the ego and you will awake to much more in life. The “I” leads you astray thinking you are the only one, while the “We and Us” is all inclusive and opens up the world to an abundance of love and compassion. Experience and enjoy Earth life in union with others, as living only in the “I” comes solitude, heartbreak and despair. Love and honor all Earthly beings as well as Self; never forget ALL are here sharing and learning in the completion of the Earth mission. No one BEING is more important or more valued than another in the eyes of God, the Divine Being. ♥️

Make your decision…

Photo by Danielle

Be at peace with where you are in life, or go inside and find a new place to be. Everything is inside our being… from vibes, emotions, attitude, character, ambition, aspiration, truthfulness and reliability, etc. Do not fight a battle with your personage, expand the inner growth of your spiritual being or live with where you are at this moment. Only YOU, self, can make the adjustments or changes to help you move forward in your life journey. Be accepting this, you are certain of your decision as not to interfere with your vibrations and those of others. Make your decision, your way, your life, your change, and your journey….live it, own it and allow it to serve you. ♥️

The treasures are Inside the Inner Being

Where does your greatness lie? It is not in your title, nor in your possessions. It is not in the humanness of your Being. It lies inside your spiritual being, inside your inner core that which makes you much more than an Earth Being.

If you were to lose every possession, every attachment, your name, your job, and every thing that makes you feel like You, a human, where would you turn and how would you be? Do these things make you who you are? Who are you without any of this?

For many people they are the things they own or acquire. Their complete Being is lived through their humanness. They give value and merit to what they have and own as important and of the greatest value in their physical life. Everything they HAVE is who they are or who they have become, and without all of this they feel lost, without value and importance. Most often the drive to have more keeps on building. This truly is sad, they have lost their entire mission and design for coming to Earth.

Ask a person, “Who are you?” And most will respond with their profession, name, title, role, etc.

Your true TRUE BEING is none of these but rather pure light, love, and energy. Not one material possession, role, or title can make you YOU. You are SOUL, a spiritual being, and this is where the true merit and value of YOU rests. Be you, the spiritual being that is here on Earth to grow and love. You are pure energy and divine love. Open your physical eyes and see that there is so much more to your Being, than what you can see and buy.

Never be owned by exterior assets or possessions, money, prestige, etc.

Never lose your true purpose for life. It is not in the material things but rather what comes from the Inner Being, this is where the TRUE TREASURES OF LIFE are found…., this is where everything originated and transpired for this life journey. ♥️

Time For An Earth Change

Earth filled with anxiety, stress, possessiveness and sickness, a new message has been sent.

Clean up earthly being, or it will be cleaned by force! Earthly beings must appreciate more than money, possessions, status, etc.

If your Earth life does not revolve around love, kindness, and good, then you will lose ownership to all. What awaits you on this side is not purchased nor owned with the use of money. No Being scores big nor advances the soul through the emptiness of ownership and greed. Give openly from the heart through kindness and the joy of giving, not through obligation or points earned.

The lessons are tough that are present in today’s world, but they come for various reasons. Man helped create this virus and it is man that feels the painful repercussions of it. If it were not this, there would be another serious issue on hand for man to face. Nothing is without reason and nothing from our view here on the other side, is unexpected or unknown.

Earthly beings must understand and accept that everything in their world of existence can come and go… nothing is owned. The only true thing the human can “fully own” is his own behavior and or reaction while being present in both body and soul.

So from the behavior and action of man, chaos and turmoil have emerged with great power, and until the Earth Being finds enough inner love and strength to conquer it, they will find it difficult to defeat the ugliness that consumes them. Like the coronavirus that has recently killed thousands of people on Earth, so does the ugliness of human pride, power, egotism and sense of supremacy gained from possessions and other earthly demons.

The coronavirus fear is extensive and many humans feel panic and high anxiety in their present living life. But I ask, why has man not felt worry, concern or fear for the people faced with abuse, hunger, homelessness, addiction, diseases, etc. These disheartening matters have faced the world for too long and with little positive nuture. What must it take for the Being to go inside and begin to live life with love for the good of ALL, not just for oneself or for a few? This is truly why you are here on Earth. Love from the heart is NEVER temporary, it has no conditions and it is ultimately what empowers your complete Being.

Do not let fear take you over, do not let it lead you to uncertainty and doubt of your earthly purpose. Fear is ugly and it serves no good UNLESS it is enough to cause a change for the best in your Inner Being. Mother Teresa was not always the great Being for which she is known. She too needed change in her inner most Being, and it is through this change she became a beautiful soul being. Under the

Protection of God and the powerful inner Light of Love, she feared nothing and accomplished beautiful miracles of love.

Live from your heart of love…. live without fear and selfishness. Do not let fear or the virus own your Being. Protect yourself through the Light of Love and the Divine Being. ( God) If you are present now, then your life journey continues, so let it flow in goodness and love for all. ♥️