Go Home

Recently a woman said, “ I live everyday in darkness because I have never liked who I am and I hate who I have become; I think my only way out is suicide.” Never is life intended to be without energy, light, direction, and pursuit.

When a person loves and enjoys who he or she is, then they can continue to grow in mind and spirit. However, In order to expand and flourish in life, the Being must go inside self, called HOME, because it is inside HOME where one finds answers.

In the earthly world there is a great amount of clutter, chaos, anxiety, and depression and there is little alone time. People are occupied with jobs, events, social media, economic status, perceptions of others and much more. Many beings are controlled by the overwhelming feelings of busyness, deadlines, obligations, debt, opinions and the overall feeling of emptiness. Everything they have or want is on the outside and they fail to go HOME, to know self and their own value and worth.
It is imperative that the human being find time to step away from the hectic everyday schedule and find time for self. The time one spends alone in thought, meditation, prayer, clearness and relaxation is the time when one can rejuvenate the body and soul. Every living human being needs to renew, regenerate and reanimate their inner being.

The woman who finds darkness in life is stuck, as if she were stuck inside a container, breathing but confused and entangled. The exit is inside her. Life is never intended to be a heavy burden but a progressive journey of love, growth, understanding and enlightenment. When there is no joy in life and it becomes a stressful task and strain, it is time FOR CHANGE.
Begin inside oneself and be patient! Change will happen if SELF truly wants and seeks such change and is willing to work for inner joy. Love and respect for self opens the pathway for love and respect for others.
Suicide is NOT an out for any being because what is left incomplete in this lifetime must be completed in another. You did not come to Earth to self destruct but to live life with intention. Your energy and presence on Earth will end on its own accord, as agreed prior to arrival on Earth, and not at your human discretion. ♥️

The Seedling

Photo by Maddy Baker

Imagine a life of only happiness and joy……. can you?
Imagine a world of only Harmony, love and peace…..can you?
Imagine a life with no tasks, no responsibilities, no obligations or duties. ….. can you?
Imagine a life with no attachments, no bonds, nor attractions…. can you?
Imagine a life free of challenges, everyone always in agreement and filled with victories….. can you?

Oh, what a perfect world it would be, but this is not the world in which we reside. This perfect world would not allow for progress, growth, and betterment of your Being. Earth life is not paradise and of this you were quite aware before incarnation. Here the body and soul dwell together to experience and learn and most importantly to advance and make their union better and more loving.

YOU are NOT here on Earth to be an insensible, lifeless, and disengaged Being. You have a job, a mission to complete, some call it purpose,; it entails direction, exposure, participation and schooling. Living life is a challenge but through experiences and activities, the Being sprouts, grows and flourishes.
Like a small seedling 🌱, give your body and soul good nourishment and care , the rewards and enlightenment will be impactful and life changing. ♥️

Stop the Mind Control

He stretched out in his bed, incapable of falling asleep. His mind raced with fear, with life worries…. about almost anything and everything in his life.
He proclaimed himself to be a religious man, a man who believed in God; he was a follower of Jesus Christ and a devout member of his church, which he attended every Sunday.

Now at two o’clock in the morning, he had no remembrance of his belief in God nor the power of his faith. He was lost in his worries, allowing his mind to totally control his physical being.
Turning his body from one side to the next, he could find no relief from his worries. For each turn his body made, the worries he carried inside became stronger and stronger. Finally, after several hours of his mind racing with concern, he lifted himself from the bed and began a new day. He was without a rested body and a man feeling empty and lost. The mind control was just too strong for his tired physical being.

Where was his strong belief in God? Why did he fail to go inside and try to work with his busy mind through prayer? Where was his trust and belief in The power of God to help him? Where was his firm belief and trust that in all things with God there is a solution?

Faith is not a momentary belief, not a temporary trust, nor a sporadic confidence, yet many human beings fail to truly live their faith. Often many only see their church as a Sunday house. Their faith becomes a social setting for discussion and community unity but not part of their total make up. True Faith is living, loving and trusting your entire being.

Pray, meditate, talk to God, ask for guidance from your guides and angel friends. You must do something to take away the control of the mind. When was the last time that all the worries in your life were solved by worry? Never!

Calm the mind through the power of prayer, music, meditation…. be active in your beliefs. Know that you are never alone in your life adventure , someone is always with you. Believe and trust that the Source is always with you as well as Your spiritual guides and angel friends. Put Love from the heart first, trust your life journey will be fulfilled in this lifetime, live your faith, and know you are never alone.♥️

There Are No Excuses For Hatred

Hate, such a harsh and distasteful word in any language and an extreme emotion of very low vibration. Where there is hated there is unhappiness, low self esteem, anger, frustration and misery. How far does hate go inside the BEING and is this hate truly part of that being?
Hate, a forceful and frightful word and often when a person chooses to use this word, it is because he or she is simple-minded , lacking sufficient vocabulary to express their feelings in another manner. However, sadly this is not always true and the human actually lives this ugly emotion and makes it part of their being. Unless there is a mental illness causing such harsh dislike, there is no reason for hate. There are no excuses, pretexts or alibis accepted for allowing the feeling of hated inside your being. There can be no peace when embracing and feeding such antagonistic thoughts and feelings.

Often people discuss, debate, and disagree but when there is intense emotion of aversion or hostility there is absolutely no peace for that soul. NEVER should there be hated, even for the worst of criminals or crimes, because it incites more ill will, bitterness and animosity; hate is venomous to the being and causes the Soul to grieve and incapable of fulfilling its mission.
Pray for help to release negative emotions and feelings from all beings. It is important to understand that a BEING was placed on Earth in LOVE and No Being came to Earth morally depraved, it is only through free will, poor choices and ego power that the being is absorbed negatively. There is NO justification for undertaking any belief, action, position,etc. that approves and advocates hostility, chaos, and malevolence. Step up and take responsibility for making the world a better place to live. Leave a loving footprint on the EARTH which will be passed on to others that follow.
Continue to LOVE and PRAY for strength and inner peace. LOVE unconditionally, LOVE from the heart, and there will be no existence of hate. ♥️

Explore Outside of your Domain

*denotes my human experience with a friend ….expressed from the viewpoint of my guide.
+denotes words from my guide in presence

*As you two sat and chatted, You could see inside her being and it was there where You encountered her loving and youthful soul. Her being and soul were awaiting to hear and know more from your older soul. Her being was curious yet cautious, accepting yet hesitate, and somewhat perplexed yet enlightened.
As I, your inner guide, spoke through your being, She listened and inquired, acknowledged and questioned, and considered each shared experience from the perspective of her being.

+How does one begin to understand reincarnation and spiritual communication if reared and programmed in a traditional Christian Faith where Reincarnation is not accepted, nor is the concept of communication from the other side. How does a being begin to comprehend and welcome such ideas and concepts when before they were considered to be strange or abnormal, like a taboo or witchery.
None of these feelings, beliefs and perceptions are unexpected or unusual if the human has been programmed by a church or an adult to believe such. Also if one’s being is at a different level of vibration, and has never stepped outside of the “norm” of his/her world, then these concepts and practices can be overwhelming, a little frightful, and also pull at the strings of curiosity. The mere fact that a young soul inquires, searches and listens attentively is a positive for growth and expansion and must not be hindered.
So How does the being know that the teachings or experiences are pure and genuine, not a making of the mind or imagination ? How does one explore the area of spirituality and become in tune with one’s soul?
It must begin with the desire to know what lies outside of the earthly realm and the small living environment in which one resides. In general, humans build a wall around their world, encompassing their beliefs, ideals, standards and doctrine and seldom do they wish to step outside of their comfort zone to explore the unknown, the unexplained or the uncertain. Yet this is exactly what the human must do in order to uncover the true divinity of God, and understand their soul mission. Humans need not be fearful when searching for their true spiritual being nor eliminate possibilities outside of their familiar reality. The human must not turn their back on what is unfamiliar and unknown and Allow for exploration. Life lessons and growth are present in all, therefore there shall not be limitations. Explore, expand, enjoy, and always entertain the belief that there is so MUCH MORE TO LEARN, EXPERIENCE AND EMBRACE for the advancement of the soul and all humanity.

No Matter the Size of The Hole

Have you and another person ever looked at the same exact thing, and then described it differently? Have you and another ever had the exact same experience together, but then perceived the experience totally different? Two separate people walking hand in hand down a path , living the exact same moment, describe their experience differently; Why is this and how does this happen?
Remember, your life is what YOU make it, how you manage and guide it. Your life is of the utmost importance and your view on life will determine your outcome. YOU MAKE YOUR own conclusion and reaction by your thoughts, attitude, vision, perception, etc. and all of this is subject to change by YOU. No one can truthfully force change or reconstruction in your life, the change must come from WITHIN, or it will be a falsehood, an unfulfilling life.
Often people resort to suicide rather than face the truth about their choices and being. Some live their life in a hole of *depression or addiction rather than fight the battle and do the uphill climb. (*this is not referring to clinical depression)

Has the time come for you to revaluate your being, see things with clarity and without clutter? Can you be true to your being, leaving behind earthly prejudices and judgements? Are you ready to be content with life the way YOU make it? Remember, your life is of your making, so make it GREAT! Even if the changes are small, these will brighten and illuminate the path to more. Look through the aperture and see as much as you can see , don’t be bothered by the size of the opening, just LOOK-SEE AND ENJOY! ♥️

Love and Respect Equally

Photo by Annie Spratt

All people are created equal; respect and treat all people equally. An affluent person or a penniless person … both are equal in every aspect of life. An uneducated person or a highly educated person ….. both are equal in every aspect of life. A master is equal to the servant in the eyes of our Divine Being therefore both are due the exact same reverence and love. Never place yourself or another at a higher level of esteem, treasure the life of all beings equivalently. The day you regard yourself or another better than ANYONE else, is the day you lose sight of who you are and why you are here. Do not allow your being to feel superior to that of another.
The Divine Being created everyone equally and even though each person has their varied tasks in life to complete, no one being is superior to another. Stay on task and live your life lovingly and respectfully, always in kindness and grace. Love and Respect All. ♥️

Where is the unbalance in your life?

In the world of 2018 there is more technology available today than ever before……More advancements in means of instant communication than ever experienced before. Today there is a greater percentage of college educated people in the world than in the past. The world is full of medical advancements, expertise and knowledge, information and instruction, yet the following continues to be prevalent in the world: , murder, disenchantment, homelessness, mental illness, suicide, hunger, unsettledness, etc? There is more stress, confusion, disharmony, anxiousness and uncertainty in the human world today than before.

Where is the break down? Where is the unbalance?


A person can have absolutely everything in life, but if they are broken inside, there will be no no peace, no fulfillment, no achievement or contentment and no awareness. A person of any profession, job, mission, etc. can feel lost in a world of so much, IF they have not found their true being.

Sit in silence, sit among nature, turn everything off…. just sit and listen!   IT IS NOT in the gadgets or possessiones you own but in your ❤️ heart, your inner moving soul.  Find inner peace and you will find happiness.  


Clean Out Your Backpack!

When was the last time you cleaned out your backpack?

Imagine having a backpack that was filled with your, frustrations, concerns, dislikes, worries, jealousy, feelings of hurt, sadness, anger, etc. How large would your backpack have to be to hold all of these “possessions”?
Humans carry so much uncertainty, hurt, worry, anguish and despair around with them that they so often feel they are drowning or sinking. Get rid of what is weighing you down, clean out the backpack and rid yourself of the heavy cargo.
You can start right now by NOT getting caught up in the negativism in the human world and looking for a more positive and fruitful environment in which to be. Turn off the television shows that often depict the ugliness and disarray in the human world; tune into inspiring and uplifting stories of positivism and valorous deeds; listen to peaceful calming music, sit among nature and enjoy the ambiance, the smells, the sights or sit peaceful inside the silence of your mind.
If you want change in your life, It begins with YOU and no one else. YOU alone must clean out the backpack that you carry on your back. Change is inevitable and it starts with YOU so make it POSITIVE. The snake sheds its skin many times in its lifetime because it needs to purge itself from parasites and allow for more growth. Humans need to remove the unbalance, negativism and unpleasantness in their life, only this way can a person grow spiritually and be happy in life.
CLEAN out what you are carrying around that is burdensome and feel rejuvenated! The journey will be refreshing. ♥️

Who are you and where are you?

Photo by Frank Busch

Often humans ask: Where are you?, Who are you?, and The answers generally go like this……


Where are you? I am in the family room. Or, I am at the bank.


Who are you? I am Michael. Or, I am Mary’s sister.


But what if the responses would be….

Where are you? I am here in this moment. Or. I am on Earth living a temporary experience.


Who are you? I am part of God. Or. I am body and soul.


Yes, most people would not respond in this manner and definitely most would find these responses quirky, strange or bizarre. However, are they not true? Do the responses not truly give an authentic disclosure?


The truth is that a large part of humanity does not know the true answer to these questions. These questions and answers have become so routine and shallow, that they are of little importance, nonetheless, they are of great significance and purpose.

Knowing where you are and who you are in this life, are two of the greatest accomplishments you can make spiritually. If God were to ask you these two questions right now, how would you respond?

Instead of wandering around aimlessly, why not have direction and aspire to know your true being and life undertaking. Sit in silence and gain wisdom. ♥️