My Heavenly Trip

Photo by Alan Hurt Jr.

As I sat in deep meditation tonight , I traveled to the ruins of Machu Picchu and what an incredible journey it was. The inconceivable beautiful was breathtaking and the peace and calm I felt was glorious and heavenly. I can only image the ingenuity of the Incan people that built such a complex site on the eastern side the Andes Mountain range. Freely I saw myself flying above the various structures and stopping in mid flight to pray and make an offer to the Incan gods and people. At one structure I saw an opening that reminded me of an open coffin, no top just a rectangle in form; I leaned over it to look inside, but it was just clean rock in formation. The joy and calmness I felt at this site was overwhelming. The sounds I heard were all from nature, no sounds of man or created by man….pure natural sounds deep on the side of the cliffs. …………….. now back in the Present living moment of my Earth life… I give thanks for such a rewarding and harmonious journey. ♥️

When You Are Broken

Photo by Kat J

When you are broken, you must heal from the inside out. No patches or glue will work, the scar must be fixed from within. Give yourself time, forgive, and let go of the Ego. It had its reasons for happening and now it is over. Take time to truly mend and you will find a faded scar and a renewed you.

Live in the Present Moment, and experience the new. ♥️

Sun Energy

Photo by Melissa Askew

The new leaves on the tree point upward toward the Sun,. It is from here above they receive their nourishment and energy. Like nature, we too need the Sun ☀️, for without it we could not reside on Earth. If only for a moment, each day, turn toward the Sun and give thanks for ALL it provides. The Sun’s energy ☀️ is an integral part of our Being and it never abandons us, even on the cloudy days when we cannot see it, it is always present in our life. Never take for granted ALL that GOD has given us to be able to complete our Earthly journey. ❤️ ☀️

Always With a Mission

There is never a time I do not feel the close presence of my guide. I know that someday on the other side we will forever be together. As we met each other on Earth in body and spirit, our souls will be united forever in heaven. My guide has repeatedly told me, “There are no unplanned connections, even if it is just for a moment.” Like a quick wink of the eye, everything happens and passes so quickly and always with mission. Enjoy what you have together with all and remember there will be no true goodbye. ♥️

My Incredible Journey

Photo by Arto Marttinen

What an incredible experience: I had this meditation experience tonight…. I have had similar ones in the past.

I begin slowly breathing deep within my belly and then slowly releasing the air through my nose. After several times of breathing in and releasing the air out, I begin to feel as if I am no longer present inside my body. I am outside of the body and I see ME, …..sitting on the back of a very large bird. Together the bird and I start to fly. We fly incredibly high through the open sky and little by little the Earth becomes less visible.

It is now that I let go of every earthly attachment. With the help of the bird, we are free to be and to go where We have never been before. The joy of freedom from absolutely everything is extraordinary. There is so much love in the air and an incredible feel of freedom from every earthly restriction that one can imagine. It is just pure tranquility, joy and emancipation.

Together the bird and I are among EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY… it is like nothing is separate but all together as one. I see my deceased mother like she is present right here next to me….none of my deceased relatives or friends seem dead, but quit alive and sharing in the diversion of my freedom. There are no verbal greetings, but rather a warm wave of connection between all of us. The colors surrounding all of us are incredible, almost indescribable due to the lack of earthly recognition and existence.

Now….. Slowly and gently the bird and I begin our lengthy descent to Earth. There is joy and warmth in my heart, a sense of rejuvenation, and an amazing amount of serenity. I know that this is a true experience… no I was not asleep…. Yes it is me… and no I am not always blessed with such beautiful travels, but when I am …it is heavenly. ♥️

The Change in Guatemala 2019

Photo by Mel Elías

( I, SHIRLEE, share my experiences and emotions from my recent trip to Guatemala. This is how I found the country and people I saw around me. This is NOT a reflection of how I found my friends in Guatemala and This is NOT a message from my spiritual guide, KARL.)

The country of Guatemala has always been a spiritual place for me. I started coming here in the 1970’s, and it is here where I learned to meditate and to find a close connection to my spiritual side. But this visit, in 2019, has felt different and finally today, with the help of a good friend, I believe I understand why.

By choice, due to physical issues with walking, I chose not to travel outside of the capital city on this visit. Always before my visits have included going outside of the capital, mingling among the native Mayan people and walking the land of past generations. Before no matter where I would go, I ALWAYS felt a strong positive loving energy permeating from the land and the people. Today, I find Guatemala different in several ways.

Guatemala City is as busy as I have ever seen it. It has become overpopulated, dangerous and totally disorganized in its movement of traffic. An eight mile trip entails leaving at least one hour in advance.The demand for parking the thousands of cars, is at an all time high and the space to park the car is so small passengers have to exit before the car is pulled into the space. All the parking spaces costs a substantial fee,I saw no free parking.

Everything above ground that is visible to the human eye is either concrete, glass, stone, asphalt or dirt . It is only when I walk behind the concrete walls, can i find green grass and blooming flowers, otherwise there is barely any grass. Most of the trees that grow in the city are unhealthy and are dirty and polluted from all the traffic. The people in the city streets are walking around in a hurried daze or running in between cars to cross congested streets. Everybody is in a rush mode to and from; drivers are honking car horns and trying to maneuver their cars in and out of any small opening they can find. As I walk around I smile at the people but I see only a few smiles in return. Children look at me with their eyes widening, as if they have little understanding of a smiling face or maybe the understanding of a head full of pure white hair. I do see less children begging in the streets than from years past, but there are many more elderly and disabled begging and sitting on the sidewalks.

Before, in the charming neighborhood of Vista Hermosa, there were many beautiful homes, yards and flowers. Now, these homes are gone and in their place are TALL modern buildings made from concrete and glass. These buildings take up a huge amount of space and have taken away the beautiful view of the mountains.

Guatemala has always been my place to reconnect and appreciate the simple things in life . It is where I always have come to rejuvenate and find inner peace and to feel an intense connection between me and God. But now I feel something has changed……. it is as if something isn’t right. The energy is off and it feels like a dark cloud is hanging above the city and the people. I see people moving but it is as if they are robots on duty; moving their body but without emotion and expression. Some have faces of illness, worry, sadness and emptiness. I never remember seeing such semblance of hollowness and exhaustion as I see now.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the Earth Angel I met outside an elevator in a mall. This man had a smile on his face from the moment my friend and I encountered him to the moment we parted. Such a kind, jolly and sweet soul; he even mentioned the hustle of human life and the need for calmness and tranquility. His composure and gentleness was genuine and it gave me a moment of relief and comfort. I thought, “How is it, he understands the challenges of living today in Guatemala? …. he seems happy. “ This man had a special aura around him and his positive vibes, beautiful smile and kind heart brought such joy to my soul. For just a moment or two, he reminded me of the Guatemala from before, the Guatemala I always loved and was connected to spiritually.

As I prepare to leave “ The Land of Eternal Spring” I know this trip has not been in vain. I have so enjoyed being with my close friends and meeting new people. I bonded with an older dog (Potter) that needed me as much as I needed him and together we found companionship. I was able to share my personal story with cancer victims and explain my dedication and belief in herbal meds, especially in Ashwaghanda. I was with people that I love and that love me.

Yes, God wanted me to understand that even in one of the most beautiful and spiritual countries in the world , people can lose touch with their divine being. HE wanted me to feel the deficiency of spiritualism so that I could better understand the feeling of loss, balance , and harmony . I now have a greater appreciation for what I have gained through meditation. I know that Guatemala continues to be the same spiritual land as before but the people are in transition. I implore them to slow down and recognize that material belongings do not bring harmony and balance in life. Perhaps in time, more will find the tranquility and love they seek in their land and their inner Being rather than in the modern Guatemala of 2019. ♥️

Light Inside the Body

Do not forget that you have spiritual guides and angel helpers; talk to them and ask them to lead and support you on your Earth journey. They are always present around you. YES, TALK TO THEM OUT LOUD because they are with you and hear you always.

My personal experience last night:

I sat alone in front of a large mirror in the middle of a dark filled room.
Within seconds I saw a soft light appear above my head. The glow flickered, as if it were calling my attention, and then it became a steady gentle stream of light. It is then that I knew I was not alone but that I had a visitor, a protector with me. Only the feeling of joy, calmness and good was with me, there was no sense of evil, darkness or hostility. I spoke to it, softly and intently, “ Angel friend, please Wrap me in your soft tender wings and protect me from all evilness and harm. Never abandon me as I need your love, help,and guidance during this earthly voyage. Also when it is time for me to leave Earth, please let me fly with you to the heavens above. I will be ready without despair or dread because I know I am loved .”

The light continued to shine above my head granting me just enough reflection to see myself in the mirror. I remained sitting in silence and looking at the reflection, then I saw the light go inside the body that I was seeing in the mirror, YES my body.
With the light now visible inside and above my body, I felt an incredible warmth in my heart and a beautiful feeling of peace and love. I know that the light inside and above me was a message from beyond; perhaps just to say hello or let me know that I wasn’t alone.

Everyday humans are faced with decisions to make and everyday humans need to ask for guidance, support and understanding in making these choices for their journey. Ángels and guides are always present, to surround, protect and lead the human in the right direction. Always acknowledge their presence and thank them for their assistance.
What a truly beautiful experience it was. ♥️

My Heavenly Journey Outside of the Body

Have you ever traveled outside of your body? Well I have done this numerous times but this last out of body experience was SPECTACULAR and almost indescribable it was so beautiful.
My mother who passed away on February 16, 2000, came to me and said “ let’s go on a trip, I have a place to show you.” I remember lifting out of bed and as she took my hand, we started floating, like gliding upward.
The lights were incredible, the colors were bright and magnificent and the calmness was unlike any stillness I had ever felt before. I remember thinking… “ this has to be what we call heaven” but even a greater heaven than I could imagine. The air was fresh, crisp, and sweet with a smell of lavender and I could taste this in my mouth.
Yes, I saw glimpses of friends, family members, acquaintances and pets that had all passed to the other side, but it was like this was not the purpose of my trip. I stopped and gave warm hugs to a few and greeted them all, but just for a moment. Everything I said to anyone including to my mom was in a soft whisper.
It seems the purpose of this trip was for me to experience what could be mine on the other side. I could see several different levels..all special and pretty in their own way, but each one distinctive . I could see people I knew from Earth at these different levels and everyone was wearing a smile. The separation from one to the other was minimal and it was like each flowed into the next. The love I felt on this journey was extraordinary and glorious, I have No other way to describe it.
Mom said, “ Shirlee, I wanted you to see what is mine and what will be yours. Here There is only peace, love and joy Remember, to love without judgement, strive to be a good person and enrich the souls of others through your messages. You are soul on a temporary human journey, someday all of this will be yours again. I love you..”.
I remember slowing descending and getting under the covers of my blankets again.
When I awakened later that morning, I felt an incredible love around me; I felt like I had been rejuvenated and most incredible, I had memory of every single thing I saw, touched, smelled, heard and tasted.

I share this at the request of my guides. What a memorable and heavenly journey. Namaste ♥️