How Would You Illustrate Your Life?

Photo by Bekir Dönmez

If you could draw a picture to represent your life up to this moment, using one pencil and one piece of paper and ten minutes of Earth time, what form would your illustration take? Would you draw an entire scene to represent your life, or would you draw lines, circles, angles, hearts, boxes, etc? Would you use shading or would your picture be monotone? If you are an artist, your design might be specific with greater detail; However without artistic ability, your life representation might be more simple with very limited detail.

But, however you depict your life it is all YOURS to own ! YOU are the master of your human life; you are the owner. Start today to make your life as you wish it to be. Fill it with principle, courage, ambition, goodwill and Love…..and anything else that makes your life absolute.

It IS your life, so remember as long as you are living, you can shape and make it as fruitful as you truly wish. Go inside and find your true self and make the most of your life.

What Truly Awaits You On The Other Side.

Photo by David Cantelli

I share a message from my guide:

Imagine a world without restrictions, boundaries, and obstructions; surrounded in light, energy, openness and complete gentleness and piety. This is what TRULY Awaits you on the other side.

Many Earth beings are taught there is judgement awaiting them after passing and they will go to Heaven, Hell, and for some purgatory. (This theory or notion will be discussed at a later time. )

It is true that there is judgement, BUT NOT DONE BY ANOTHER, it is done by SELF during the life review. Each being revisits his or her OWN life experiences, events, reactions, involvement, successes and failures and more. Each individual sees the impact he or she made on others and on the Earth World. One sees the imprint left on Earth at the conclusion of his/ her Earth life. It is purely self judgement- personal judgement.

On the other side there is only freedom, free to be, to go where you desire. There are no body restrictions, no time or schedules, everything is pure freedom without ANY limitations. The light, and the energy are YOU and the clarity is pure divine. Do not fear death, it is only a passage. As the snake must shed its skin, so must the human shed its body.

Always love completely and unconditionally. ❤️