Free Yourself From the Mind.. Explore

As humans living in a hectic hurried world, we must stop mind chatter when we sit in silence. We must sit quietly, go within and sense and feel our intuition… that gut feeling that often wishes to direct us. No one has to tell us what to believe or feel, it is just there deep inside trying to guide us. Do not ignore this feeling, ask for more clarity from the heart, and leave the mind thought behind. Often, we humans are so wrapped up in our earthly events and happenings, we appease our chatty minds and fail to see, interpret and understand what we know deep inside our being.

This we must not allow ! It is up to us individually to stop the mind power and to dig deep down inside our Being to find solutions.

As I sit here in silence right now, in full clear meditation mode, I refuse to let my mind take me astray. My intention says “go deep inside and find the answers you seek, they are inside you stored next to your loving heart.” So here I sit and share.

As non perfect humans, we often make mistakes. We let our crazy mind and it’s impulses guide us rather than sit in silence and find the answers inside. Everyone has this ability whether you know the beauty of meditation, never stop trying to sit in silence and TO LISTEN. YES, IT IS THERE , just free yourself enough from the mind and EXPLORE. ❤️