It Must End With YOU!

WORDS to describe someone else can be eloquent, tender and wistful OR dull, callous and uncaring. YOU, as the speaker, portray what message you wish to send about another, but most importantly about YOURSELF! Remember hearsay and meddling can be quite dangerous, it says a lot about your simplistic mind

and your arrogance and shallowness. The gossip must end with you! ❤️

Let the Wound Heal

Photo by Jonathan Rados

Never hold anger, resentment, and pain inside. It serves no good, LET IT GO! If you don’t it will destroy your inner Being and cause you physical harm. All Earth life experiences, both positive and negative, bring clarity and betterment to your Being.

Allow yourself to sparkle and reclaim your essence….. let the wound heal! You owe that to yourself, ….to your loving Soul. ❤️