A Joyous Meditation

As I sit here in sheer silence
My reincarnated soul aspires to grow,
And the physical body begins to recognize
work together to discern what they already know.

Breath-in deeply and exhale with force
Stress, hurt, anger and pain ALL cease
The body acknowledges it is time to let them go
So here I sit with love in my heart and at peace.

My body Is surrounded by love and white light
No chatter in the mind just presence of SOUL.
Out of body experience I feel in my BEING,
Complete peace and joy without human role.

Love and unity are in my entity that came from above
Present in body on Earth to fulfill a quest
As The Soul aspires to complete its mission
Through love and a meditation ever SO BLESSED.

Prior to the closure of this meditation
I savor the presence of my devoted master guide
And a multitude of angels and passed loved ones
Who assist me in my inner journey with love and pride.

My wish for ALL

My wish for ALL is to………………


….Calm in the swirl of daily life,

     and strong in the middle of the strife.

….Positive around all the anger

      and blissful in a world of languor.

My wish for ALL is to………

LET GO of……

….The hurt that follows you around,

      and the anger that holds you down.

….The memories that cause you pain,

      and the stress that leads to strain.

My wish for ALL is to……

UNDERSTAND that you…..

….Are responsible for your own mission,

      failure and frustration are at your own omission.

….Must strive to attain the most successful path

      as not to return here and face it’s wrath.

My wish for ALL is to………


….Pursue a life filled with harmony,

      seeking to achieve a loving destiny.

….Become familiar with your inner soul,

      resulting in complete love and feeling whole.

These are the wishes I have for all

before the finality and the heavenly call.

Prepare now for a peaceful life conclusion,

Surrounded by loving souls with no exclusion.❤️

Keep it positive …….

Sometimes we have to pull ourselves away from toxic people that pull our energy down.  Some of these people are friends and sometimes even family members.  Even though it is hard to do this it HAS to be done.  These are my words to keep me surrounded by the positives.

I refuse to allow your words to hurt me, but I will love you and pray for you.

I refuse to recognize your anger, but I will love you and pray for you.

I refuse to allow your negative energy to pull me down, but I will love you and pray for you.

I refuse to surround myself in your world of pain, but I will love you and pray for you.

I refuse to acknowledge your ungrateful attitude about life but I will love you and pray for you.

I refuse to hear your excuses but I will love you and pray for you.

Grant my soul peace in knowing and accepting that I, no longer will endure negativity of others.  My soul wishes to grow in positive light and true ❤️ love and in order to do this, my soul embraces only the affirmative and good in humankind.

Voice. ( from my guide)

I heard your voice in my ear
Softly spoken yet very clear
Voice message came from yonder
Words of love for me to ponder.

“I love you and I stand here by your side
knowing all and seeing all as your guide.
Do not despair in a world 🌎 full of gloom
Lessons presented so the soul can bloom. “

“Your spirit on Earth is here to mend
From past events that you must tend.
Thus allowing the soul to reach its reign
Of not returning to this earthly plain.”

Here is my soul on Earth once more
Aspiring to find the correct door
To leave this world in love and grace
Never to return to this same place.


The Mind

(Prior to each meditation I say these words, hoping to be able to calm my mind and have a clear beautiful meditation.)

Quiet mind.. Stop thinking…just be still

Be empty without thought and feel the thrill.


My guide hears the mind and begs it to be silent

as my human side keeps it going, like a river flowing.


Be peaceful, stop thinking! I say to my crazy mind

GO human thoughts, leave! and feel my soul shine.


Sense the love in my heart that radiates bright light

Allow Earthly thoughts to leave  and take flight.


Bring Joy, bring Peace to me in this meditation

As I fly freely ever so high without  any limitation.


Hear words of wisdom and instruction

And bestow these openly without obstruction.


Listen to my guide speak and clearly share ….

saying do not fear the message, just listen with care.


Cleared mind, body ready, the meditation starts

Navigated by my soul via my loving heart.