Build a New Self Relationship

To grow and become a better human and spiritual Being, you must learn from the past experiences and then let them go. Do not hold on to these painful events, release them and start building a NEW RELATIONSHIP with Self. Move into the NEW YOU, the You that is stronger and more perceptive; the new you that seeks improvement, refinement and wisdom. NEVER allow yourself to fall back into that past, it now serves no purpose.

Individual Power

Photo by Levi XU

While sitting in a veil of bright white light, I open my heart and mind and I hear these words from my guide.

In this crazy mixed up Earth world do not fear. Never alone, never without love and guidance, and never without the ability to hear our words.

Do not allow the unrest, anger, hatred and turmoil in the world affect your soul being. You cannot control the happenings therefore you must not let these penetrate your light, your awareness and your complete Being. Pray for ALL, pray for Earth enlightenment, pray for peace…. this is the POWER you have as an individual being. You are responsible for you, and even though often you feel that this is not enough, this is the way of creation. Unconditional love, selflessness, and positive energy is what you, as an individual Being can give the world. Every Earth Being coming together as ONE can positively impact the world.

A few small drops of rain in the river may seem insignificant, but every drop of water is important and has an impact on the river. One day without rain, five days, ten, fifteen, thirty and forty days without rain, …. then one drop, two drops, three drops of water……blessed as ONE are the people, the River, and the land that finally receive the water to quench , refresh and replenish the thirst.

Together in love and goodness the soothing positive energy of the Earth can be stimulated, restored and re-energized. It must begin with each individual, and then flow out collectively as an understanding, theory, belief, and philosophy to embrace. If it is founded in true selfless LOVE, then the Earth and all Beings gain from its essence. Together gathered in love and unity ALL can come about in the positive light of the Earth. ❤️

When You Are Broken

Photo by Kat J

When you are broken, you must heal from the inside out. No patches or glue will work, the scar must be fixed from within. Give yourself time, forgive, and let go of the Ego. It had its reasons for happening and now it is over. Take time to truly mend and you will find a faded scar and a renewed you.

Live in the Present Moment, and experience the new. ♥️