Invest in your Soul First.

Where do you make your life investments and spend all of your time and money? ? Is it your job, the stock market, on your children, family, possessions, religion, etc? Where do you place the most emphasis, spend the most time and or energy? Most often humans invest their time and energy in obtaining more belongings, more money, having more friends, and having bigger and better “ successes” . Sadly and Seldom do humans spend time on inner growth, on finding and fulfilling their inner most cravings, and needs. They spend lots of time and money on their vehicle (physical being), in making it “better” more attractive and keeping it well maintained, yet they fail to remember that without a Soul to carry there is no need for a vehicle. The greatest care must be given to the inner Being….the Soul Being, for without the Soul there is no need to be present on Earth.

No one should have to remind the human of the true purpose of the body and it’s presence on Earth, yet this is exactly what this message is doing. Soul presence on Earth for the first time, the fifth time, or more times is the REASON FOR ALL. Your soul is your energy, your light, your conscience, your karma, your core being …. it is the source of life. It must be nourished, groomed, maintained, and loved. Put all your investments in your Soul, for it is the SOUL that allows you to have a life journey; when the Soul grows your investment flourishes. ♥️