Find Self Find Love

Photo by Nathan Anderson

Even in the darkest and most difficult moments of human life, LOVE exist. God /Divine Being created each of us out of complete unselfish love, always with the desire to be ONE with him someday. Living earthly life is a process from beginning to end, let it play out the way your body and soul planned it from the other side. It takes true courage to face and live the difficult moments in life. Know that someday you will be a happy and fulfilled spiritual being without worries and concerns…. free from humanness like the butterfly 🦋 that breaks from its cocoon and flies freely through the air. Never give up, know that there is always plenty of love to be found because you ARE a creation of love. First go inside, there you will see, meet, and get to know self. Everything is in the Being but you must be willing to work finding it and then you are so free to love and be loved. ♥️

Your Beings

photo by Fabio Rose

To live on Earth and fulfill the needs of both your Spiritual and Human sides, it is important to: sit in silence and find inner peace, ….love without judgement….. show gratitude for everything, and find enlightenment in ALL life lessons. Nothing happens by chance…. how you deal with the event is up to you… FREE WILL. ♥️

Physical Death Is Not the End

For some it may be tonight, or tomorrow or in two days, two months, one year, or ten years. The time is unknown. Earthly Death visits all and everything; life begins and then it ends.
Death is inevitable, unpredictable and the finality of the body but NOT to the Soul. One can not buy, bargain or barter for more or less life. The life journey you live now was preset and preplanned prior to the soul and body arrival; along with this the end of this lifetime was also prearranged.

For sure death is not to be feared. The body could meet death in an abrupt sudden manner or it could be a lengthy and drawn out process. However death comes, it is important that you receive it without fear and you accept it as your physical end.
A being that does not accept death of body, can linger on Earth in a “ghostly” form, stuck without either desire, willpower or knowledge on how to move to the other side or perhaps not even realize their physical form is dead. There are times when the the spirit refuses to move on or accept their death, so it becomes trapped on Earth, stuck without form, lost, without peace and existing in fear and pain.

While here on Earth in life form, enjoy the adventure, have fun in life, love unconditionally and grow with life experiences. There will almost always be more things you wish you could have done or said but these were not to be in this lifetime. For sure there will be Earth moments that you now wish you had not experienced but let ALL of that go and not block the passage. No soul arrives to the other side without great amounts of support, love, and compassion.

Every single day of life is one day closer to the physical end. Even If it is a sudden death, the soul will accept it and there will be no pain in the end moment. Do not fear the physical end, release the body freely and allow the soul to move on. Eventually the soul will decide to either reincarnate to Earth in a new spiritual being, find a new journey to pursue at a different level or have a new purpose or job on the other side.

When it is your time, just LET GO and move to your next level…. Soar to the highest level… soar to the heavens and enjoy the journey♥️.

Own Your Life and Be

Do you own your life or does someone or something own it? Do you allow another to lead you in your journey, OR do you lead in your own journey? Do you aspire to have more material possessions and are willing to give up who you are to get these? Where do you place the greatest amount of emphasis in your daily life and in your being?
It is so often that humans fail to know and be who they are; many become like the person they emulate or they allow earthly possessions to make and own them. You must own your life and your Being! Respect yourself enough to know who you are and BE your true self. If you feel that you can only live depending on others or things, then you need to dig deeper inside. No outside being or thing can make you love and respect your Being, it has to come from inside YOU, from YOUR BEING. All humans have flaws and weaknesses and these can only be fixed by the person that owns them. Do not place the blame for these on another,they belong to Self.
God did not make one human exactly as another, each Being has energy and a uniqueness to their Being. Knowing oneself and working with strengths and weaknesses, is all part of the life journey. There is no worthy in living a life for another and not for Self. Love and respect for self brings enlightenment and growth to your being and the ability to recognize and appreciate it in others.
Every Being must be afforded the liberty to be independent, to be respected, loved and to BE.
Each person is a creation of Source / God and each has the ability and energy to live life without the control, criticism or influence of others affecting their person. However, this can only happen when the Being has enough comfortability, confidence, love and knowledge of self, and strength.
Allow in your life space, the people that support and respect your creation, your individuality, your energy and love and weed out those that can only love you conditionally.
Parents guide and teach their children as they feel best, however as the child grows and becomes an adult, he or she must be true to soul, and true to SELF. He or she then must become self generated , autogenous.
In school, society and daily earthly living, rules are placed and people are asked to conform to thes rules to prevent chaos, to keep the flow positive without harm or hurt to others, BUT never does this mean that one should give up or lose their own identity. Love, Respect and Be True to the Being. ♥️

Always With A Purpose ♥️

Together we grew in friendship, laughing, crying, listening and learning. Now we grow as loving individuals without friendship but always with respect and appreciation.

Sometimes people come and go in our life, but never do they fail to leave their footprint. From the smallest to the largest of events, there are NO meetings by chance….. always with an intention in our life journey.
There are long lasting reunions and some are short in human time, but every meeting, reunion, and encounter is valuable in enlightening the Being. Give thanks for ALL life presentations and lessons, they serve you well. ♥️

A Lesson from the Root

Saved Photo

While walking along the path, she stumbled, almost falling completely down. Regaining her balance She stopped and looked to see what had caused her to stumble. There above the ground was a large root from the tall tree growing along side the path. She said, “ Root, look what you almost made me do! You tripped me and I almost fell to the ground. Why are you sticking above the ground and in my way for walking? “
Without hesitation the root responded, “ Why when you walk along the path, you do not notice me? You only look forward but you never look down. I live beneath the base of this beautiful tree and if it were not for me, this tree would no more be. I bring health, height and beauty to the tree. Had I not protruded from the ground would you have taken note of me? Remember true beauty is in everything and everywhere, look for it in every aspect of life, sometimes it is quite visible but other times it is more hidden. Never be mistaken, everything created by Source has a purpose and worth, from the smallest to the biggest, from the prettiest to the ugliest…. it all has energy and light.”
No words were left to be said, she thought for a moment and then continued her walk along the path, but now she walked with clarity and greater understanding of all existence in life. ♥️

Light Inside the Body

Do not forget that you have spiritual guides and angel helpers; talk to them and ask them to lead and support you on your Earth journey. They are always present around you. YES, TALK TO THEM OUT LOUD because they are with you and hear you always.

My personal experience last night:

I sat alone in front of a large mirror in the middle of a dark filled room.
Within seconds I saw a soft light appear above my head. The glow flickered, as if it were calling my attention, and then it became a steady gentle stream of light. It is then that I knew I was not alone but that I had a visitor, a protector with me. Only the feeling of joy, calmness and good was with me, there was no sense of evil, darkness or hostility. I spoke to it, softly and intently, “ Angel friend, please Wrap me in your soft tender wings and protect me from all evilness and harm. Never abandon me as I need your love, help,and guidance during this earthly voyage. Also when it is time for me to leave Earth, please let me fly with you to the heavens above. I will be ready without despair or dread because I know I am loved .”

The light continued to shine above my head granting me just enough reflection to see myself in the mirror. I remained sitting in silence and looking at the reflection, then I saw the light go inside the body that I was seeing in the mirror, YES my body.
With the light now visible inside and above my body, I felt an incredible warmth in my heart and a beautiful feeling of peace and love. I know that the light inside and above me was a message from beyond; perhaps just to say hello or let me know that I wasn’t alone.

Everyday humans are faced with decisions to make and everyday humans need to ask for guidance, support and understanding in making these choices for their journey. Ángels and guides are always present, to surround, protect and lead the human in the right direction. Always acknowledge their presence and thank them for their assistance.
What a truly beautiful experience it was. ♥️

Live In the Now Moment

Everything we need for our journey here on Earth, has been provided by God. So Enjoy the Now Moment because it is always present and will never abandon you. The NOW will only end when your journey is complete.

YOU are the I.

I let go of last week and yesterday, because it was over, completed and gone.
I took the lessons from it and decided it was time to move on.

I let go of my wishes for tomorrow and for the upcoming week,
because on Earth I may not be here to get what I seek.

I live now in the present moment, at this exact point in time,
because it is much easier to live now and have less hills to climb.

The present empowers me with more time in life to gain,
Less anxiety and stress and a mind at peace that is sane.

Life is not measured in my past, nor in the hereafter,
but rather measured in the NOW that I share in love and laughter.

I appreciate the now moment because someday it too shall go,
So I begin everyday afresh, live in the now, and my BEING enjoys the glow. ♥️

How Do You Tell Your Story?

Sit quietly alone on a park bench, in an outdoor cafe, or on a bench in a shopping mall and
…… the conversations taking place around you, what do you hear? Are the chats joyful and full of the positives? Do you hear an uplifting or comical story. Do the people share stories about the thoughtfulness and selflessness of another? Or…. Do you hear stories of pain, sorrow, abandonment and illnesses? Are you hearing stories of happiness and success or stories of loss, failure and anguish.

In the journey of life there are so many experiences yet so often the human dwells on the most difficult or strenuous, the most unpleasant, grim or troubled. Why is this? Everyone in life has pleasant, enjoyable and rewarding experiences; some with more than others but always life has positives. Recently a lady said her husband died four years ago and since his death she has not lived one good moment of life. Never must this be! With certainty she loved her husband but to stop living her life journey and fulfilling her Earth mission because of his passing, is absolutely unnecessary, illogical and misguided. No life is to be dependent on another in such way. You did not come to Earth without a reason for your soul benefit, so when you fail to live your journey, there is no advancement but stagnation. How do you think her husband views this from the other side?

Humans are not on Earth to exist or be dependent on another. Humans are present in life to participate, engage, enjoy, advance, learn, expand and LIVE. Find joy in living your life. Even in the darker moments of time, there are always positives, light and rewards. How much enjoyment do you get in life? Do you see the positives in life or do you focus on the negatives?

The life journey is never to be only a burdensome one but rather rewarding, pleasurable, tasking, manageable and triumphant for the Soul. Look for the positives, look for the joy and enlightenment and remember every Being is present with intent and significance. If you are hurting in life, then go inside, give your life some deep thought, and pick up the pieces and start moving forward. Go and do something fun for yourself!

What would one hear from YOU telling your story? Would your story be favorable, focusing on the positives, or would your story portray pain, confusion, and despair? Even in the most difficult life experiences, one needs to always look for the positive. The positives may not be apparent right away, but do not be misguided, they are there. Do NOT dwell on the difficult parts of life, find strength in the positives, and enjoy the journey of life! ♥️

Goodbye Friend

Recently I lost a friend to a murder suicide tragedy. Even though he and I only had a friendship through our dogs at the dog park, it was memorable. Shortly upon learning of the tragedy, I meditated and offered many prayers. Later I started creating this poem in his memory, and with the help of my guides, These are the written words.

Dog Park Friend (Victor)

May your guides and ours lead you to the light,
So Follow them closely and enjoy the flight.
Now no worries, sorrow, shame or pain,
Gone are the burdens of life lost in vain.

In our earthly life no one wants the end
Especially when it is the life of a good friend.
The choice you made was so matter of fact
So without warning that we could not act.

An abrupt close to life that no one could see,
If only someone had been there to make a plea.
Your desperation and despair was far too great,
It is then our dear friend you chose your fate.

Now we are all left without our beloved friend,
Sad, confused and unsettled by this tragic end.
We will never understand or know exactly why,
but always think of you when we look to the sky.

Forever we will remember you by your big smile,
and the puns you told in such unique style.
Our friendship with you was very dear and true,
and so full of loyalty like your sweet, UBU.

Goodbye friend, as we mourn your death
See you again after our last breath.
Once again thanks for being a loyal friend
Someday we will see you again at our life end.


Died March 15, 2019
Written by Shirlee Clevenger