Smooth and Rough

Photo by Bryan Rodriguez

Your journey in life has smooth and rough patches to travel. It is the tough ones that demand more fortitude and bring more growth and enlightenment to your Being. Enjoy all of life and find reward in its entirety… always there is a reason


Keep Pushing Forward

Photo by Sarah Darcaj

There is beauty, peace and love in everyone’s journey of life. Seek it and relinquish your worry, stress, and despair. Strive everyday to recognize and enjoy moments of happiness , joy, and triumphs. Never give up on life! Keep pushing forward and rid yourself of obstacles that hold you back……STAND strong, PUSH ahead, and EXPAND your self-respect. ❤️

Sad Experience with Words

Photo by Brett Jordan

Words are powerful….be careful with your words…..

It was fifty five years ago today when a person’s comments hurt me to my inner core being. I liked, trusted and appreciated this person, I considered him a good friend and person. Then one day I heard words he used to describe me to another person and I was absolutely crushed. His words were not only untruths but were very cruel. I remember thinking , “How could he say such a thing? He knows this is not true, this is not me!” I was not angry but I felt ripped to my core. I was saddened, disturbed and wronged by his words, and I did not know how to even respond. I remember tears came to my eyes and I walked away from the person telling me this.

It has taken me years to gain the inner strength and desire to forgive him for his cruel words, but finally I HAVE. I will never forget his poignant words but no longer do they haunt me. I know as humans we all fail from time to time. It was his failure, his offense, and wrongdoing, but at that moment and for years I allowed it to become mine, BECAUSE I CARRIED IT AROUND WITH ME!

It is now, today, that I understand that this was one of his imperfections and like all of us, he too was human. I had been the one to put him on a pedestal, made him seem infallible, and this was part of my unbearable torment.

After all these years , I now understand that this painful event was part of my learning journey. Still I remember it like it happened yesterday. I don’t know if he knows what pain he caused me, or even if he would care, but I want to think he would.

Now, I am a stronger Human Being and Spiritual Being. I understand the impact of WORDS, sometimes thoughtful and other times malevolent.

Please be careful with your words ….. prior to saying anything, …..are the words worth expressing? Are they truths? Will these words help or hinder? Are they necessary?

P.S. Don’t forget to forgive… it allows the wound to heal.