Love oneself first.

Photo by Allie Smith

When you truly love your COMPLETE SELF, both physically and spiritually, then you are free to love others. Until then it is not love but an emotion of fondness, devotion, affection and admiration. Going inside your BEING and finding, accepting and loving your true spirit and soul, allows you the freedom to understand and love others. You cannot know others without first knowing Self. You are here to intermingle and merge with others through life experiences and to advance the soul, but this can ONLY be done once you know and love self. Confidence to accept and love yourself or change what needs to be made better, is the greatest aspect or trait in the Being. Life here on Earth allows for change, growth and betterment but unfortunately it also permits failure, distress and deterioration. The final decision lies within you and what choices the Being makes. It is never too late, and there are no timelines. If change for the good needs to be made, then do it. Work on self so you can move to others. Only through loving oneself can a being truly love another. ♥️

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